Hudswell Clarke 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive


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This loco will keep company in the DJModels range with the soon to appear J94, and both are suited for industrial and minor branch line work

This model is already in development within the factory in China and can be ordered on backorder now.

Featuring a wealth of detail using original plans and photo surveys to get that ‘just so’ look. A coreless motor and a DCC 6 pin decoder socket along with profile blackened wheels and NEM coupling pockets as standard.  The model will retail for £109.95 in OO gauge, available in the following variations:
OOHC-001 Plain black
OOHC-002 Lined green and named ‘Sir Robert McAlpine No.45’ (see photo)
OOHC-003 Lined Apple Green
OOHC-004 Weathered / distressed Lined Red