Above picture, receiving an award for innovation (Gwyn Humphries Memorial Trophy) from Pete Waterman at Warley 2012

So what have i done? OK, this section will read more like a ‘blowing my own trumpet’ section, but i think it’s only right to show my ‘credentials’, as it were to those who might be wondering.

With my Previous company i designed, the following models….
N gauge Locomotives
Super Voyager, Class 66, Hymek, Western, 22, 9F, Terrier, B17, B1, A3, A4, 73 re-tool, 67, 56, 58 ,26, 27, 33, Britannia, 156, 57xx Pannier, 28xx, Hall, 153, 156, Voyager, Class 66 re-tool, 121, 122, HST, 86

N gauge wagons
Megafrets, FEA Spine wagons, Silver Bullets, IOA, JNA, Ferrywagon, telescopic hood wagon, Stove R*, Snowplough*, KTA Pocket Wagon

OO gauge Locomotives
Class 22, Western, 10000*, Sentinel*, Beattie Well Tank*

OO Gauge wagons
Megafrets, FEA Spine Wagons, MBA, MCA, IOA, JNA, KTA pocket wagon.

Continental N
Silver Bullet*, Curtain Sided Steel Wagon*, Telescopic hood wagon*, Gabs wagon*, Tanoos Wagon*.

* For external commissions.

Since leaving my previous employ, i have also designed the following OO models…..
Irish Ballast Wagon*, Irish bubble cement wagon*, GWR King*, 14xx*, J94, PBA wagon* Turbot wagon*, Ialnos Wagon, JIA China Clay Wagon*, Gate Stock*, 02 Steam Loco*, Beattie Well Tank re-design*, GWR 1361 tank loco*, D600*, Class 92,

* For external commissions.

N gauge locomotives
Class 17, Class 23, J94, King, Project W & X, Class 92, GWR King,

And the following N gauge wagons,
Mermaid Wagon, Ialnos Wagon, Shark Plough Van, Crocodile F, Turbot Wagon, HUO hopper wagon

To be added to this list will be the N and OO gauge APT when it’s released.

For my previous employer i also designed the following; N gauge, OO and O gauge semaphore signals, N gauge Magnetic couplers, OO and N gauge Catenary masts.

I also introduced to the UK RTR N gauge market DCC ready 6 pin decoder compatibility as standard, pin point bearing pick ups, low friction mechanisms, Close coupling, NEM coupling pockets, underfloor switches for lighting, below window mechanisms, alternate length couplers.

I have also received 18 models of the year awards, and 3 innovations of the year awards.