Apologies for the lateness of this posting, as i have had a new software update which changed the way it was possible to add media to a post. It has taken a week or so to get to grips with the new system, but now i have added the links to the OO & N gauge Class 92’s newsletters.

For those that are interested, the new cad/cams are a clone of the old ones but are needing just a little more improvement work in a couple of small areas, and the factory is pushing this through with the designer allocated solely to these 2 projects. I will of course, show them here (after the usual weeks delay so that customers get their newsletter first) when completed so that anyone with any comments can contact me directly via this web site. Decoders fitted to the models for both the DCC N and OO versions will be ESU, and this also includes sound decoder fitted versions.

Once i have published them, i will wait for it all to filter through, and then send a newsletter to all with a link to the 2nd deposit page so that the tooling, which will then start in earnest. These 2 models will take up the majority of the factorys tooling capacity alongside the OO gauge APT (should the cad/cam get finished in time), and the N gauge King.

I hope to have cad/cams of the APT and 92’s just before Christmas, but wont be invoicing for them until probably the 3-4th week of January to play fair on everyone with cash flow over the festive season.

Please note that the majority of customers have had this newsletter directly, but some have either been bounced (yes really) by their server, or their e-mail address has changed. If you have not received this newsletter directly, please mail me and i will update your address.