Hi everyone, with today’s announcement causing some froth out there, i thought i would break from what is now tradition, and explain the DJModels situation to my customers (who had a newsletter last Saturday) and anyone that might still want a top of the line class 92 in OO gauge (and there are many of you who do).

The current status of the class 92 is that the cad/cam needs 3 or 4 minor tweeks that will take the engineer around a day or 3 to complete. I won’t bore you with them here, but they need doing to get it right. I am also waiting (CNY is currently in the way) for a check against the STL files that were sent me, which were blatantly incorrect, and this will need clarifying as to the correctness of the cad/cam. strangely this seems to be a carry over in the translation of the cad file to STL as the APT was effected this way as well, despite the cad/cam being ok.

Those that have seen the OO gauge Class 92 STL file know the model to be a step change in UK outline model railway locomotives. Some of the features are extremely nice indeed and the roof detail has more separate components on i than shown of the previous cad/cam design.

So where does that leave the model progress? Well, i’m pleased to say the engineer is back early next week from CNY and will be right on the snagging list (little that it is) for corrections for the 92.

The model will then go into the tool room! The factory is also aware of the other announcement, and knows that they have something very special with the DJM one and, like the APT, they want it out with the modeller, and soon. So i don’t expect any dallying from them. If you want a time line, i am not giving one. Again for obvious reasons, but most of you know how long tooling takes to first and second EP status and can reasonably well extrapolate dates quite accurately.

When the first cad/cam (with the other factory i was using) was produced, it was almost ‘fit for duty’. However things didn’t work out and i changed factories and started again. This process of design is coming to a swift conclusion now, and the progress has been commented on recently by customers in a most positive way with some more orders coming in today, and i thank you for that.

A couple of years ago, i alluded to things i couldn’t announce. some have come to fruition, and some are still under negotiation. As you can appreciate i cannot and will not state what they are, and what they bring to the project yet for more than obvious reasons, but as soon as i feel the time is right, i will start letting you all know in the usual manner.

If you are reading this and have not gotten the newsletters, i have had quite a few bounce back or get refused by your servers, so please get in touch, with your name and order number and i’ll send individual ones out to you.

It is an exciting time at DJM towers at the minute, and despite the trials and tribulations that have come my way, things are ‘on the up’, and i see that carrying on as other models get brought to market over the next 12-18 months.

Best regards


DJModels Ltd