With the laser scanning party successfully held on Satuday the 2nd June, we now move on to the next phase of the design.

The scanning company will now be taking all the information garnered from the laser scanner and scanning drone and making a 3D model that is usable for Cad/Cam design.

Successfully used by myself for the O2, Terrier, 08, 73, Western, 205 unit, Sentinel and Beattie Well tank, this laser scanning will allow for as close to a perfect rendition of the real thing in computer imagery form, as is possible. Any alterations, if needed, will be noted and done, and once the cad/cam design starts, updates will follow quickly so that everyone who has an interest can have an input.

Tooling will then follow, and take 6-8 weeks once started, meanwhile testing on adhesion and smoothness of mechanism will continue to iron out any early bugs we might find before 2nd EP tooling and subsequently, production.

The OO Gauge model can be pre-ordered by clicking here, while for those interested in potentially ordering a N gauge model, further details can be obtained here.

Keep popping back for updates on this exciting project.