I am delighted to announce that i have reached an agreement with, in my opinion, the best DCC supply and fit company in the UK (and who have a terrific shop if your in the Lincoln area), to supply them with limited edition N gauge King Models of the famous King George 5th locomotive fitted with DCC sound.

This is a slight departure from the funded way of doing things, but for those customers that have ordered models from the funded list, i will be writing to explain in further detail the reasoning this week.

However for now, this order gets the project over the line and into tooling at the earliest opportunity, and means that it has now completely ‘washed it’s face’ financially.

So if your after a DCC sound fitted special model head over to the Digitrains web site
https://www.digitrains.co.uk/ and pre-order your model today (and yes it does have a factory fitted bell on the running plate front).

attached is a pdf of all the advertising produced for the King George v model and i will alter that to the page 4 picture later this weekend.