The N gauge GWR 2-6-0 ‘mogul’ locomotive is now in design, and as such i am re-opening the ‘expressions of interest’ on this model.
Originally this was on the old web site, but due to having a secure new one, i purged old expressions as otherwise it would have meant i kept customers details which i couldn’t do. so if you originally expressed an interest on the old web site and are still interested, please ‘express’ again here.

Depending on how many sign up (currently just over 100 models in less than a week) will depend on how this might be funded, so please do not sign up if you have no intention of ordering this model as you can make a difference either way with your ‘expression’.

The liveries and running numbers are still the same as previously announced.

you can order through this link which should take you straight to the page.

You will need to set up an account and if you make a mistake and seemingly cannot get back in to your account once created, either click the reset password link or clear your computer cache by pressing F5.

This should be a much easier project to fund than the King as apparently it is a much wanted, go anywhere, do most things type of locomotive, so over to you.