When i posted my release yesterday, little did i realise the reaction it would cause. So may i just clarify some bits here, which some seem to have missed entirely?

My IP’s cover the external look of all my designs, not the internals, and do no prevent anyone making the same model. It does, however, as far as i understand it, prevent cloning and using my design cues.

It will also make any fellow designer think about how they will design their model to not only be better (that cant be bad can it?) but to look better (and that cannot be bad either right?)

Also as most of you know, i have not got use of my tools and there have been various mails on the internet by trolls saying that they can supply models from my tools. This protects DJM by making sure that although my tools can be sold on (after all i don’t have them in my possession in the UK) the new ‘owner’ wont be able to do anything with them, and neither will the factory they now reside in. Now this means they wont be able to make models from my tools to sell to UK shops, any of my models.

Surely none of this is bad? If you purchased a house, would you protect your investment? (yes a bit trite i know, but a fair analogy) That’s all i’m doing.

In the words of Corporal Jones ‘Dont Panic, Dont Panic’. I am not, and i hope this helps clarify things for everyone.

Please try to see this as a good thing for myself and the industry as a whole, and the opportunities it will now present.

Best to all.