Yes it’s true, this project has really taken off, and who could resist this true icon of the West Coast Main line, from a time when British ingenuity and skill designed and gave us this futuristic machine?

This model will be the first 14 coach UK outline model train (if you can fit one that size on your layout) ever produced, and comes from a much loved era, when locomotives ruled the rails, when going from London to Glasgow in under 4 hours was a fantastic pipe dream.

This model has been made available to pre-order customers at an advantageous discount and it will be paid for by staged invoices with the first payment having already having place. Each process will have taken or will be taking place as you get invoiced for that stage. As this process has started already, once the tooling has started, and this takes a month or 2, you will be invoiced for the second payment. This process will continue until the model is ready to ship and all you have to do is then sit back and wait for your model. (This takes 28 days by sea from China add another 10 days to clear customs and start delivering to you)

For RRP customers or those that want to order one, the pre order button is for you.
Please note though, that we will only make what we have orders for, with only a very few for spares etc, and do not envisage making this model available for model shop sales for many years, if at all.
Yes the price is high, but so is the specification. And yes it will tilt too!

Pre-order your set today via this website, you will then be invoiced for the model when it comes into stock.

Be part of History and own History!