APT Press release

Dear Modeller,

As we get closer to the APT scanning party on the 2nd June at Crewe Heritage Centre, we can now tie down the ‘shut down’ date of orders.

This will be May 30th at 11.59pm

After this date and time it will still be possible to order all APT versions but each set will then cost a higher RRP.

The prices listed below only affect new non existing orders from the 31st May onwards. Existing customers will still be able to top up their order with new orders at the original offer price until tooling starts, and this date will be advised at a later date.
Set 001 will rise from £699.95 to £   933.27
Set 002 will rise from £649.95 to £   866.60
Set 003 will rise from £749.95 to £   999.93
Set 004 will rise from £749.95 to £   999.93
Set 006 will rise from £895.95 to £1,194.60
Set 007 will rise from £995.95 to £1,327.94

The raised price will be in effect until tooling is started. Once tooling has started the order book will close permanently.