N gauge King project reaches another milestone.

With the design of the N gauge King almost complete internally, i have spent the last 10 days working on the balance above the drivers and distribution areas of weight in the boiler etc to keep the balance but increase the weight.

Simply put weight is one thing, but evenly distributed weight is another and should be looked at at being optimal above the main driving wheels.

I have asked that if possible a cast metal backhead be produced along with a boiler weight of similar mass to help increase the Kings haulage capacity and this is currently being done in China.
This should, allied to the traction tyres got those that want to use them fitted should help a lot with maximum haulage ability.

Room is now available for the small speaker in the tender along with the PCB, and there is some weight in the tender to allow it to track correctly and also not get pulled off the rails by any lateral forced and coach resistance on curves.

If you have yet to order, please dont delay, we are close to tooling, but enough of those that ‘expressed an interest’ have still not paid, that the project is slowing slightly, and will be longer to get to the tooling stage if this happens for a while.
New customers to this model can order right up until tooling time, via the ‘pre-orders’ tab at the top of the DJModels Web site, and pay securely via E-commerce. Once we have crossed the line for tooling, all ordering will then be locked down and you will miss out on this model in these liveries and at the offer price.

This will be the worlds first 100% successful crowdfunded RTR N gauge locomotive, please help make it happen now, rather than later.