N gauge Class 17 update

N gauge Class 17 update

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of things by means of an update on the progress of the N gauge class 17 to production, and a small video.

Video first…….

or the you tube link……………. https://youtu.be/hcqQPjy7zdw

It’s of the motorised first EP, which made it’s debut at TINGS 2017, running on a layout this last weekend at Stafford show 2018.

Secondly, a progress report….

I wrote to all potential customers (over 200 of them) 10 days ago, with a proposal, and those of you who are they, and are reading this will know of it.

To put it bluntly, i explained that cash flow to go to second EP and production was almost impossible at the moment due to being spread thinly financially. Please note this is not to say the business is destitute, but having the extra to pay for the remaining tooling to high definition wasnt on the cards until later this year.

So i asked the ‘expressors’ if they would like to pay for their models up front, as by doing so, the model could be developed further with 2nd EP tooling being done (please remember i had already paid 50% of the tooling myself on the project to get it to the stage you see in the video). By doing so, the ‘expressor’ would then get their model at the advertised DJM ‘expressions of interest’ price, and i would throw in free postage too, and as such they would avoid all subsequent price rises imposed by China in the last few years.

So, ‘expressors’ wrote back, and although some had had their circumstances change, or even changed gauges, eras etc, i’m please to say i managed to get 50 modellers to say ‘yes’.

While not enough on it’s own, when combined with the finances i have available i’m within 15 customers (so roughly £2000.00 +/-) saying yes to go ahead with both the model , and the box (yes the box needs tooling as well)

If you have not responded, and do not want the model, please mail me and say so, and i’ll remove you from my list for this model as i do not need to keep your details on file. If you still want the loco but dont wish to pay up front, then please by all means sit tight, and i’ll be invoicing you when it’s ready for delivery.

So when is delivery? OK, as you know and can see, the 1st EP is done, and has been done for many months, as i said it debuted at TINGS 2017, and has been on show at Warley etc, and been tested in the meantime to make sure it is reliable and robust.

Going to 2nd EP tooling will start almost immediately, or at least preparations will as CNY is coming upon us and not a lot happens in the 3 or so weeks of shut down and start up.

2nd EP tooling means that the tool is locked down to have all the fine detail added, the glazing tool gets polished to allow for clear glazing, and a further EP sample (working) is delivered to me for final tests, along with painted samples for approval.

Once this is done, the models go into production, scheduled to take a month, then 6 weeks to get here and be distributed.

So i’m aiming at the loco release at or before the TINGS N gauge show in October 2018

Thanks to all who took the leap to allow this to continue and finish this year.