Class 71 Crowdfunded model nears production so here are some model features

Hello everyone, here is a list of features to be found on the DJM/Crowdfunded Class 71 locomotive.
And yes, there is someone about to start work on the sound for this locomotive.

Please remember, that like the 52, 22 and 10000 models, this model has been designed for an easily drop in base reflex speaker of identical size and manufacture as the one for the previously named loco’s

It also uses a 21 pin decoder for all the functions you would expect with a model of this quality.


I am very pleased to say that the DJM OO gauge crowdfunded Class 71 is almost here, I plan to authorise production within the next 2 weeks, so if you have not ordered your crowdfunded model already then you now have 2 weeks to do so before production quantities are locked down.

Don’t forget that if you order a crowdfunded class 71 this entitles you to the foloow up class 74 diesel locomotive (based on the class 71 bodyshell) as a generous discount. Work starts proper on the class 74 design within the next week, although some preparatory work has commenced. If you need another reason to get the 74, there are in fact 2 reasons……1) That once the 71 crowdunding scheme is ‘locked down’ in 2 weeks you will no longer be able to get the 74 at the discounted price, and 2) This loco goes beautifully with the newly announced Kernow Models 4TC set.

To whet your whistle on this model here is a list of items and unique features that the DJM Crowdfunded class 71 has.
Firstly the model. This has the following features,

1) Ultra Quiet Coreless Motor
2) Heavy metal chassis
3) Separately applied lamp irons (A must for a model of this quality)
4) Separately applied handrails (metal not plastic)
5) Correct Bogie Width (with 5 points of depth to the moulding, and also allowing plenty of space for gauge conversion should it be needed)
6) Correct bogie steps with full pattern side casting supports, cutaway holes, and checkerplate finish to top bogie step
7) Correct front marker lights with rotating lens switch (on the railway this switch was used to swap lens colours from clear to red etc)
8) Etched metal front foot steps with checkerplate pattern and central larger footstep
9) Separately applied extremely fine pattern windscreen wipers (production models will have them in the ‘parked’ position)
10) Fully detailed and painted cab interior with second man seat in ‘stored’ position.
11) 4 different size and font of headcode numbers and letters. The correct size supplied with each relevant era of decorated model.
12) Full DCC control over both cab lights independently
13) Easy to fit 21 pin DCC decoder for ultimate of DCC control functions
14) Easy to fit DCC sound speaker (as per my previous design on the Western and class 22)
15) Correct pattern plastic posable Pantograph (non conducting)
16) Correct pantograph well detail, including moulded bicycle chains for real life raising of pantograph
17) Illuminated headcode panels either end (switchable under chassis to turn off and on)
18) Correct cab pillar and roof air vents for early and later versions (green versions have a roof vent while blue have cab window pillars)
19) Colour matched to Bachmann Blue, Yellow and Green colours
20) Etched works plates fitted (where needed)
21) Darkend spoked wheels to RP25.110 standards, 14.4mm back to backs
22) Booster equipment ‘just’ visible through the bodyside window (please note that in real life the booster only comes half way up the window and is 2.5ft back from it to accomodate a walkway between it and the window and as such it will be printed onto the chassis side in darker colours to depict a shadowed effect.
23) Correctly painted pantograph head (including a painted graphite insert to each central head section)
24) An eye catching presentation slip box (possibly the prettiest box youve seen for a model railway locomotive
25) Full instructions and schematic drawings, plus spares list. (Spares available at launch)
26) Close coupling mechanism both ends
27) NEM coupling pocket both ends
28) Accessory bag with alternate, replacement front valance for those not wanting a coupling pocket visible one end (or both)
29) Separate air pipes within accessory bag
30) A wealth of separately applied bogie parts
31) Sprung buffers
32) Easily removable cab for fitting a crew. (just unscrew 2 screws and drop the cab interior out…..easy and secure
33) Customer fitted electrical pick up shoes (to allow for individual modeller’s tolerances for third rail height on their layouts)
34) Correct moulded relief framing between the bogies and battery box
35) Ultra fine detail metal wired representation (see through) of cables into and out of bodyside fuse box
36) Flush Glazing throughout

OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 71 deco pics

Hi everyone,

For those of you interested in a little piece of history, the first and to date only, successful crowdfunded RTR model railway locomotive, the class 71 has arrived in decorated format.

Lots more pictures to follow on Friday, but for now here are all 5 models lined up.

Lots more information on Friday about specifications, and features on this model, and i shall talk a bit about the ease of DCC conversion, and the simple and easy way you can fit a sound speaker into the model etc. So, please pop by and take a look and have a read.

Meanwhile for those that are visiting the GCR event at Quorn in Leicestershire this weekened, all 5 models will be available for inspection along with decorated OO gauge J94’s and the N gauge Mermaid wagon.

Some models are still available to pre order from Kernow Model Rail Centre.

Mermaid 1st EP in N gauge arrives

A couple of weeks ago the first EP of the N Mermaid wagon arrived and now i have more details tied down i thought it time to show you all.

DJM Mermaid 5 DJ1

Firstly please note it is a first EP, more detail has to be added to the wagon and chassis, and a second EP is now with me being looked at carefully.

Meanwhile painted samples are being produced in China for evaluation as paint matched swatches have been approved for Olive Green, Black, Straw (lettering for black wagons), Gulf Red and engineers Grey/Yellow ‘Dutch’ liveries
DJM Mermaid 8 DJ1

Meanwhile, as is my stated aim of trying as hard as i can to keep monies in Great Britain, i have reached an agreement with John Isherwood of Cambridge Custom Transfers to supply his wonderful artwork for the Mermaid in all livery versions. This is good for me as it saves time, but is also good for the modeler as you can, if you wish to, renumber your Mermaids with John’s decal sheet, and find that his decals match the models Tampo printing accurately.
DJM Mermaid 9 DJ1

Things to note are the NEM coupling boxes, Close coupling arms, see through chassis, internal body detail, removable ballast load using my ‘quick load’ magnetic system, a wealth of underframe detail.

The process now goes forward, box design will be finished, fully finished samples will be approved, and i hope to get a relatively quick production date (that is not guaranteed unfortunately), then roughly 2-4 weeks production followed by 6 weeks on the road, dock yard, high seas, and to my distribution agent.
I will, of course, publish details of the ship its travelling on for those that are interested in watching the models journey across the world.

Order yours today for £19.95 (RRP) from any DJModels Stockist

N gauge Mermaid breaks cover

First shots of the slightly delayed Mermaid ballast wagon in N gauge have been received.
However as can be seen from the first EP pictures here the ‘outer’ side wall is too thin and needs ‘beefing’ up in thickness.

This sounds as though it will cause problems with the look of the wagon, but no, as the inside is molded as a separate part its just a case of altering the tool to make the outside of the body and the inside of the body 1 piece, thereby making it stronger and thicker.

A quick and easy thing to do, but it obviously slightly delays the mermaid some more, but to get it right is important, i’m sure you’ll agree?





8c432708f2fa7db4e44479475431cb5a do

Paint samples have been approved, and artwork for the lettering completed and approved, so it just needs making and sending, once the tooling mod is completed.
The ‘wheel’ by the way is the underside air tank, being used in the photo as a prop for photography.

Revised Class 71 is unveiled

As i’m sure you all know, i had asked for some alterations to the tooling of the class 71 ‘Crowdfunded’ model to alter a couple of things i wasnt happy with and to add a couple of great new features that any model of this quality should have.

The eagle eyed among you will readily notice little touches to the loco like the correct width bogie frames, or the bogie frame steps that have a support that is accurate in having a see though casting, just like the real locomotive.
Note the etched brass works plate on the cab side, of the huge wealth of added detail to the bogie sides which are mostly added in the factory rather than take the easy way out and moulding the more difficult ones on.


Added to this the correct size , shape and positioning of the roof lifting panels and lugs, or the roof air vent which is not on later versions which have instead, cab window pillars with small square vents in them.


Also there was a clarification alteration to the recess of the cab front windows, which on the real thing support the addition of the off white cab front window surrounds. (Without this correct moulding you would not be able to paint the cab front window surround, and only be able to paint the 2 central front window pillars


The radius cab side curves are corrected and some small detail in the pantograph well added. This well features a plastic pantograph cross type arm which is pose able, and a metal pantograph collector head. Doing this we are able to show the correctly sized 3 panto raising springs, pipes and the bicycle type chains that are used for raising and lowering the pantograph. And although the pantograph isn’t sprung, it is felt that having more accurate detail visible is preferable.

A small tweek will include altering the handrails on the cab for more realism.
Decorated samples will be made available to me within a couple of weeks for you all to view here.
For those going to the Alexandra Palace show, this model will be available for examination on the Kernow Model Railway Stand.

Still want to be part of History? get a cheaper more exclusive model than when they come available?
Visit the Kernow Model Rail Center website and become a part of this exciting project and buy your strictly limited edition model today!

OO Gauge Steam Locomotive of the Year 2015 Winner

BMRA2015 - OO Steam - 640

I am extremely pleased to have won this prestigious award as designer and manufacturer of this delightful OO gauge model.
A big thank you must go to Chris at Kernow Model Centre for believing in me, and letting me have the chance to get my teeth into this project again, after starting up with my own business.

Chris Trerise, owner of Kernow Model Rail Centre said “This really is fantastic news! The whole team at Kernow MRC would like to thank all of our customers for their support and compliments re the Adams O2. This would not have been possible without them – here is to the next model!”

OO Gauge Manufacturer of the year (3rd Place)
I’m also very grateful to those that voted for me in the OO gage manufacturer of the year section and awarding me 3rd place after the very worthy Bachmann and Hornby. I am very humbled by this and thank all of you who took time out to vote for me. Thank You.

Congratulations must go to Graham Hubbard of Bachmann for his rightfully deserved ‘Lifetime Achievement Award‘, our collective UK outline modelling would be in a much worse place without his major input!

Class 71 update, 22nd January 2016

I am pleased to say the slight retooling of the class 71 has been completed and it looks even better than before, and is now undergoing final testing.
The changes are quite minor, but the overall effect improves the details and look of the locomotive

Something interesting has raised it’s head during testing, and that is due to the efficiency of the coreless motor, under dcc control, there is some back EMF produced resulting in the loco having a flywheel effect and coasting (like inertia settings on some controllers) to a stop. This is easily removed under CV settings for the decoder, and instructions on how to do this if required will be included in the instructions that come with the loco.

Paint sample colours have been approved, and finished deco samples are currently being produced and will appear here in a few weeks time.

OO Gauge Q6 0-8-0 Steam Locomotive announcement.

When I announced and started this project, I was hoping that I would be alone in the market place in producing this much requested locomotive.

Unfortunately, as is sometimes the case, Hornby were also working on the model. It happens, and although wastes a four-figure sum in development monies spent to date, I’d rather lose that now than lose a six-figured sum in a few months time when I would have been ready to go to tooling.

With the pool of models available to manufacture that would bring a return to pay for tooling and make a modest profit shrinking seemingly by the day, it was always something that could happen, and i am very pragmatic about the situation.

I have always used the phrase ‘the first to market is the market winner’ on duplicated models, but recently with other models in development this opinion may have changed. However I think with the case of this particular locomotive it’s a true enough statement, as my model would be at least a year away.

So it is with regret that I withdraw this locomotive from my range. The pictures of the Hornby version show it to be a lovely model, and I know it will sell very well. I urge all those who have pre-ordered the DJModels version to get right behind the gorgeous Hornby model.

I will continue development of the N gauge version of the Q6 with a view to bringing it to market in the next 12-18 months.

I will also continue development on both the proposed N and OO gauge HUO 24.5t hoppers, which will go very nicely with this locomotive.

Thanks You
DJModels Ltd