OO and N gauge APT progress update 25.12.2017

OO and N gauge APT-P Crowdfunding update

Since this project was announced in N gauge at Warley 2017, and in OO a week later, we have been inundated by orders for each version we propose producing. Subsequently adding a shorter Black window surround version (set 003) to keep the balance of models ‘just right’, demand has been extremely encouraging.

OO, as expected leads the N gauge versions by a considerable margin but as Mick and Dave both model N we hope the N gauge one will get over the line with crowdfunding, but it will probably take a bit longer than the OO one to do so and as such we will monitor this accordingly.

However, taking into account this is being written in only the 4th weekend since the announcement we are pleased with the response for both gauges.

Updates will come as and when we have news, but for now, we have sourced the manufacturer for the train, specified motor type, drive system type, had basic designs made by Dave for the Tilting system, and for the electrical connections through the train.

We are constantly refining details of the mechanism etc, and this refining will pay dividends for the model once tooling starts.

As to the APT open day at Crewe? This will happen once we reach the figure required for Cad-Cam / tooling / production to start, and will be announced as and when.
For those attending the Model Rail Scotland in early 2018 , please pop by the Durham Trains of Stanley stand and speak to Mick about the project, Dave will also try and make the weekend to give support.

If you have ordered, thank you. If not and are thinking of doing so, please do, the project needs numbers to get across the line, and once there you will more than probably be one of a very select ownership club, as we do not envisage this model going into further production for model shop release at any time in the future, so you will have a very special model.

All the best Christmas and New Year’s wishes to you all.
Mick Worrell (DToS) & Dave Jones (DJmodels Ltd)

APT configuration and Specification update

Due to questions about half set numbers, individual car numbers and specifications i have now added these as a word document below.

It was easier to add it in this type of format and there is much information to digest.
Cheers and Christmas Greetings to you all.
Durham Trains of Stanley Crowdfunded APT electric train project train configurationsV1

Durham Trains of Stanley OO & N specificationsV1

APT car typesV1

Durham Trains of Stanley Announce the N & OO Gauge APT (advanced passenger train)

DJModels Ltd is pleased to announce that we have been contracted by Durham Trains of Stanley to produce the iconic Advanced Passenger Train in both N and OO gauges.

In full knowledge that this train at its biggest configuration of 14 coaches might be too long for some (it’s 14ft in OO gauge), My client has asked me to design and produce smaller authentic sets of the model for those with less space but still want this icon of British Railways and manufacturing skill and prestige.

So you will be able to order 5, 6, 7 10 and 14 cars sets in both gauges.

N gauge prices as published on the flyer above, while OO prices are TBA.

Here is the press release that went out to all magazines last week…..

Durham Trains of Stanley are proud to announce a NEW  and exciting crowdfunding venture for the ‘Holy Grail’ of modern era N gauge models ……….. The APT!

This model will be made by the worlds most successful RTR Model Railway Crowdfunder, DJModels Ltd, with exclusive help from Crewe Heritage Railway Centre, who have allowed us Exclusive rights to measure, laser scan, and photograph their APT train, the last one in the world.

The models basic design work has started and as such we already know what we will strive to feature on this train, and it will be available in 5,6,7,10 and 14 car sets all with authentic paint and interior finishes including decalled depiction of Red and Blue tartan seat finishes for first and second class.

Tilt will also be possible we believe and will work to a maximum of 5-10 degrees and be damped to avoid coach wobble. We hope to include internal carriage lighting as well that uses a capacitor to keep lighting alive in the train when operating on DC and stopped for a short period of time!

The train will have provision for a single Next18 decoder and also be fully sound compatible.

Directional lighting as standard, no gap close coupling and electrical transfer.

Lifting nose with NEM pocket behind for ‘dragging’

Auto levelling pantograph mechanism for when tilting. (Final specifications to be confirmed)

Crowdfunding for this project will be via the Durham Trains of Stanley web site from Saturday 25th November. It will remain open for 6 months or close before this date if the required sign ups are reached.

Please note, monies are not required until the threshold is reached and only then a deposit will be needed.

Once the threshold is reached each customer will be invited to a scanning party exclusive to Durham Trains of Stanley at Crewe Heritage Centre where you will get to see it all take place, get a design briefing and presentation from DJModels plus get a light lunch and hot drink on the train itself to get a feel for this iconic train. Tilt may also be operational on the day for you to experience.

Durham Trains of Stanley hope that this is the first of a NEW ‘West Coast’ range in N gauge and hope to produce the following models in the coming years as part of the range…..Classes 81, 82, 83, 84 and 85, plus EMU classes 303, 304 and 312.

If there is enough demand they will consider running a crowdfunder for the model in OO gauge.

OO + N gauge 24.5t hopper wagon announcement (Crowdfunded) Now LIVE!

ORDER Page Now Live under ‘Crowd-Funded Editions’ tab at the top of this home page!

When i subtly said a couple of years ago that i was looking at this wagon, little did i know what a floodgate of requests i would receive to allow me to consider actually going ahead with it.

I did say that i would not do any more crowdfunding models unless it was for a third party, but this one has really hit home and i have decided to try and get it going.

With this in mind i formally announce today the OO and N gauge HUO 24.5t hopper wagon. Please note that i have ‘taken a flyer’ and the model is now in cad/cam stage and i am really hoping that this is completed so i can get 3D resin prints on display at the upcoming Warley 2017 show (no promises though).

OK, details….. The model, should it reach crowdfunding levels to pay for the tooling etc, be made in both OO and N gauge, and feature a fully detailed hopper and chassis. And will be released in a single deco wagon 001, and 4 x 4 packs (packs 002-005) at a slightly lower price than the combined price for 4 single models.

Each 4 pack will have models with different running numbers and be slightly different in decoration to each other (repair panels etc painted on). Please note you will be able to pre-order these models via the DJM web site www.DJModels.co.uk by the weekend

No money is required up front, only when the model in either gauge goes to tooling. The model will only go to tooling once the threshold to allow this has been reached by enough customers pre-ordering.

Prices for Crowdfunded models ( To diagram 1:148 Lot 2609 Built Shildon 1956) are as follows;

OO gauge
Single model £18.95 (BR Bauxite Finish)
4 x wagon multipack 2-5 £75.50 (BR Grey finish)

N gauge
Single model £17.95 (BR Bauxite Finish)
4 x wagon multipack 2-5 £69.95 (BR Grey Finish)

Please note that for every wagon sold a donation will be made to the NWPG without who’s help this project would be more difficult to process, and i thank them profusely for their help in making the plans available for both this type and the originally announced type, which will allow me to re-visit the model and make a second or even third version in a couple of years.

All prices do not include postage to you, and this will be notified once the project is tooled ready for production.

For those that wonder what this will cost, the price for crowdfunding these is based on 2000 units for N gauge and 3000 for OO gauge, and includes tooling, unit cost, shipping to the UK, and of course VAT.

Please feel free to order as many as you wish for yourself and friends, and spread the word. For example if 500 people in OO gauge ordered 1 x 4 pack each the project would be over the line and a ‘go’!

Thanks and cheers
Dave Jones

DJM Attend Fareham Show 7 & 8th October

I recently had the pleasure of a small display and sales stand at the Fareham & district Model Railway show.
It was a very impressive display from the grand selection of layouts and i was very taken by the high standard of the modelling and running.

For the first time this year i sponsored a shield for the best modelling part of a layout and this was co-judged by both myself and a representative of the show (said to protect the guilty ;-)), and we jointly decided that the OO modern image layout ‘Croydon North Street’ was the winner.

And here the boys are from Croydon North street, receiving the shield from yours truly.

I also helped out and sponsored the show bus service that shuttled members of the public from Fareham Railway Station to the Sports Centre and back.

A lovely bus, in great condition, and i look forward to doing the same again next year.

As for the show, well i know i would say this but it truly is an exceptional show with a great atmosphere organised and put on by some really nice guys and girls, and well worth the visit.

Maybe i’ll see you there next year?

NEW OO gauge J94’s announced

With the success of the OO gauge J94 model released late in 2016, it is time to announce more liveries on this model over the next 12 months.

These models are available to order from your stockist over the coming week or so, but will be a staggered delivery over the next year. Artwork is currently being finalised and i will show it here and on other forums when i am totally happy with it.

Due to market forces, including shipping, Chinese price rises over the last few years for labour and raw product, these models now have an RRP of £104.95 each.

DJMOOJ94-006 M.S.C. #85 Grey with black outlining and white lining
DJMOOJ94-007 NCB Kent #12 Lined Black Livery
DJMOOJ94-008 NCB #69 No’ 2 Area Durham, Black with red lining
DJMOOJ94-009 NCB ‘ANTWERP’ Maroon with white buffers
DJMOOJ94-010 68049 BR Black late logo , Tall bunker

N gauge King progress 26th July 2017

Sorry for the slight delay, but here is the position on the N gauge king project as of today 26th July 2017

So far we are still short of the required numbers, and 10 model sales short of going to tooling.


However, today i have decided to use what little monies i have available and authorise the start of the N gauge cad/cam conversion from the OO Hattons one.

I do this with hope that this will push the project along, and over the line.

Order yours at the bottom of the page this
link takes you to…..   http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

It is worth noting that all this comes from only 444 modellers, so is rather astounding to correlate this against numbers of reserved models.

Next update in 1 week.


N gauge King GWR 4-6-0 Reaches 50% Crowdfunding

Great news!!! As of this bank holiday weekend, the N gauge GWR 4-6-0 ‘King’ steam locomotive has reached 50% of the crowdfunding target needed to make this project a reality.

Order here………  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

This proposed model uses the Cad/Cam work from the aborted Hattons OO version and is an opportunity not to be missed using the Crowdfunded method, to get the model made quicker.

The detail, based on a slightly simplified revised cad/cam, will still be market leading for OO let alone N gauge, and what you see above is what i’m going to try and emulate as much as possible in N gauge. And yes, i am still aiming for a no gap front bogie (with a separate bogie in the packaging for those with tighter curves).

As much detail will go into the tender design as well, however it may need revising slightly due to the need for a decoder and a speaker within it.

Order here………….  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

At present, using a coreless motor within the locomotive pointing backwards to a gearbox within the firebox driving the rear axle, i do not see any reason why the cab detail as pictured here on the OO cad/cam cannot be included, within molding constraints.

Order here…….  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

To pre-order and be part of history to be in a select group that has successfully crowdfunded an N gauge Steam Locomotive, and one that is as evocative as the GWR ‘King class, please visit the DJM products page at http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47  and from the list at the bottom of the page, select and follow the process through.

An N gauge Crowdfunded King………. Be part of it!