HUO 24.5T Hopper – N Gauge

N gauge 24.5t hopper wagon announcement (Crowdfunded)

When i subtly said a couple of years ago that i was looking at this wagon, little did i know what a floodgate of requests i would receive to allow me to consider actually going ahead with it.

I did say that i would not do any more crowdfunding models unless it was for a third party, but this one has really hit home and i have decided to try and get it going.

With this in mind i formally announce today the OO and N gauge HUO 24.5t hopper wagon. Please note that i have ‘taken a flyer’ and the model is now in cad/cam stage and i am really hoping that this is completed so i can get 3D resin prints on display at the upcoming Warley 2017 show (no promises though).

OK, details….. The model, should it reach crowdfunding levels to pay for the tooling etc, be made in both OO and N gauge, and feature a fully detailed hopper and chassis. And will be released in a single deco wagon, and 4 x 4 packs (packs A-D) at a slightly lower price than the combined price for 4 single models.

Each 4 pack will have models with different running numbers and be slightly different in decoration to each other (repair panels etc painted on). Please note you will be able to pre-order these models via the DJM web site by the weekend

No money is required up front, only when the model in either gauge goes to tooling. The model will only go to tooling once the threshold to allow this has been reached by enough customers pre-ordering.

Prices for Crowdfunded models are as follows;
OO gauge
Single model £18.95
4 x wagon multipack a-d £75.50

N gauge Single model £17.95
4 x wagon multipack a-d £69.95

Please note that for every wagon sold a donation will be made to the NWPG without who’s help this project would be more difficult to process.

All prices do not include postage to you, and this will be notified once the project is tooled ready for production.

For those that wonder what this will cost, the price for crowdfunding these is based on 2000 units for N gauge and 3000 for OO gauge, and includes tooling, unit cost, shipping to the UK, and of course VAT.

Please feel free to order as many as you wish for yourself and friends, and spread the word. For example if 500 people in OO gauge ordered 1 x 4 pack each the project would be over the line and a ‘go’!

Just complete the form below and I will be in touch when the first payments are required if we reach the thresholds.