N Gauge Rolling Stock

DJM ‘RS’ Range (RS = Rolling Stock)

Despite my saying for a few years now that I would not touch rolling stock due to it’s smaller return for quite a large outlay. However, I have done a deal with a new (for me) and respected factory, that currently makes for 3 very well known model railway companies (2 in mainland Europe) to produce 5 N gauge wagons at what I consider to be a very reasonable price.
It’s worth noting that all 5 have been cad/cam designed and 1 is, as I write, in the tool room with a release date for March 2016*.
These are noted on attached pages to this release, but I will list them here…………..
Shark 20t Plough van (Awaiting Tooling)
Mermaid Ballast wagon (*in Tooling)
Turbot Bogie ballast wagon (final cad/cam design)
Bogie Boster E (final cad/cam design)
LSWR Road Van (Awaiting tooling)

Orders for these wagons can be taken by your DJM stockist from Monday and a full list of liveries and running numbers /product codes are available via the DJModels web site, RMweb and the modelling press.

The Mermaid and the Turbot will benefit from my ‘Quick load’ ballast system. Simply put it’s accurately moulded ballast load that can be unloaded from each wagon without taking the wagon off the rails by using a stick with a magnet on it to lift each load out quickly and easily, allowing a ‘return’ unloaded service train to run.

ZJO / ZJV ‘Mermaid’ N gauge Ballast wagon. RRP£19.95

mermaid 2 (1)

mermaid 1

Featuring NEM couplers, Close Coupling mechanism, partially see through chassis, fully detailed interior and exterior, Darkened profile wheels, Removable ‘quick load* ’ moulded ballast.

GWR and BR versions modelled. Authentic liveries, some with weathering**, multi packs available** with different running numbers (**to follow).
*Quick Load, is a quick way to load and unload the plastic ballast load using a simple magnet on a stick. No more taking each wagon off the rails to unload.

Black with Straw lettering
DJM-N-RS-100010A ZJO DW100022
DJM-N-RS-100010B ZJO DW100045
DJM-N-RS-100010C ZJO DW100048
DJM-N-RS-100010D ZJO DW100051

Indian Red
DJM-N-RS-100011A ZJV DB989176
DJM-N-RS-100011B ZJV DB989228

Olive Green
DJM-N-RS-100012A ZJV DB989014
DJM-N-RS-100012B ZJV DB989088
DJM-N-RS-100012C ZJV DB989089
DJM-N-RS-100012D ZJV DB989153

Engineers Grey / Yellow ‘Dutch’
DJM-N-RS-100013A ZJV DB989097
DJM-N-RS-100013B ZJV DB989117
DJM-N-RS-100013C ZJV DB989466
DJM-N-RS-100013D ZJV DB989484

N Gauge LSRW Road Van RRP £22.50

LSWR Road Van (1)

Since designing this for Kernow Model Rail Centre and seeing it in the flesh, I have wanted to produce a model in N gauge.
So this is, in all honesty, a personal choice, rather than a profit led one. Mind you it’s one of those ‘I don’t need one, but I want one’ projects.
Many thanks to Kernow for allowing me to use their laser scan for this model, which features darkened profile wheels, NEM coupling, Close Coupling and separate handrails (where possible)

DJM-N-RS-100030A pre-1936 SR livery (Brown with large lettering) 54779
DJM-N-RS-100030B pre-1936 SR livery (Brown with large lettering) 54885

DJM-N-RS-100031A SR livery (brown with small lettering in bottom left hand corner) 59930

DJM-N-RS-100032A BR Grey S45730
DJM-N-RS-100032B BR Grey S54663
DJM-N-RS-100032C BR Grey S54924

ZUV Shark 20Ton N gauge ballast plough

Featuring Close coupling mechanism, profile darkend wheel sets, NEM coupling box, Replacement Snowploughs (without coupling gap), Veranda detail. RRP£19.95

shark brake van 1 (1)

shark brake van 2 (1)

The perfect wagon for ballast trains and is at home ‘top and tail’ of a rake of ballast wagons.

BR Black with Straw lining and Lettering
DJM-N-RS-100001A DB993900 ‘Llynclys Junction’
DJM-N-RS-100001B DB993722
DJM-N-RS-100001C DB993989 ‘Lydney’

BR Indian Red with white lettering
DJM-N-RS-100002A DB993921 ‘Nuneaton, Abbey Street’
DJM-N-RS-100002B DB993914 ‘Croft Junction, Darlington’
DJM-N-RS-100002C DB993775 ‘Perth’
DJM-N-RS-100002D DB993828 ‘Doncaster’

BR Olive Green
DJM-N-RS-100003A DB993850 ‘Return To Meldon Quarry’
DJM-N-RS-100003B DB993726
DJM-N-RS-100003C DB993791
DJM-N-RS-100003D DB993745

Non Branded EWS Maroon
DJM-N-RS-100004A DB993902 (with chevrons 1 end only)

Non Branded Loadhaul Black & Orange
DJM-N-RS-100005A DB993882 (Yellow overhead warning flash)
DJM-N-RS-100005B DB993876 (chevrons & yellow overhead warning flash)

Engineers Grey & Yellow (Dutch)
DJM-N-RS-100006A DB993711 (Red overhead warning flash)
DJM-N-RS-100006B DB993916 (yellow overhead warning flash)
DJM-N-RS-100006C DB993717 (Red Overhead Warning flash)
DJM-N-RS-100006D DB993831 (Yellow overhead flash, labelled ‘RUQ’)

N Gauge YCV ‘Turbot’ Bogie ballast wagon

This much needed wagon in N gauge is in the later stages of cad/cam design and should be in stores around mid 2016.
RRP £25.95

This model will be available in Engineers Grey / Yellow ‘Dutch’ livery, EWS Maroon Livery
Please note this model will not be increased in size to the OO range.
Featuring profile darkened wheels,
NEM coupling pocket, Close coupling, separate steps and handrails, separate ballast load with ‘quick load’ feature’.
Close coupling (if possible), and internal detail

DJModels N gauge YCV ‘Turbot’ bogie ballast wagon.

Engineers Grey / Yellow ‘Dutch’ Livery
DMJ-N-RS-100020A DB978177
DJM-N-RS-100020B DB978211
DJM-N-RS-100020C DB978351
DJM-N-RS-100020D DB978672

EWS Branded Maroon Livery
DJM-N-RS-100021A DB978356
DJM-N-RS-100021B DB978671
DJM-N-RS-100021C DB978705
DJM-N-RS-100021D DB978742


Pre-ordering facilities for these items will be available shortly.