This section will have updates of All Hattons / DJM joint projects as and when the news is ready for release.

16th November 2015 – We have had the first sample through of our Limited Edition J94 from DJ Models.  It has been sent to Mercig Studios for weathering and now looks just as it should from the factory.  I’m sure you will agree it captures the ‘oily cleaned’ finish of 68012 from the final days of the Cromford and High peak railway perfectly and we can’t wait to see the rest.  The livery itself is to be changed slightly with some tweaks but still looks great.  The rest of the samples should be with us over the next few weeks and these are still on course for a Q1 2016 release.

Pre-order your weathered J94 from Hatton’s here.

19th June 2015

Latest 14xx/48xx CADs released



front 3 quarter.jpg

front detail.jpg

inside motion.jpg


rear 3 quarter.jpg




18th June 2015

The latest cad/cam’s (well 5 showing some truly juicy detail) have been released by Hattons for publication.

This model, made for Hattons by DJModels raises the bar in detail to unseen levels in British RTR OO gauge models.
Feel free to order your model via Hattons web site……. http://www.ehattons.com/stocklist/3094212/1000588/1000640/0/DJ_Models_Dave_Jones_OO_Gauge_1_76_Scale_Steam_locos/prodlist.aspx







5th May 2015

We have just received the latest CAD images for our 14xx and we are rather excited by how it looks. The loco, although small, shows a wealth of detail that really sets it apart from the previous models of this class as well as other small locomotives available at the moment.

rear 3 quarter view

3 quarter view


There are still some minor changes to make but overall we are very happy with the finish of the model and it has really captured the look and character of the real loco. Hopefully we should have the revised CADs back soon and metal cutting on the tools can begin shortly after.

The Class 14xx is still on target for a late 2015 release and our King is at a similar stage and we should be able to show you more on this very soon.

31st December 2014

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