Spares and Maintenance

This section contains exploded diagrams of each new product as they become available so that those interested can order any spare required. This can be done for pet projects as well as to repair a product outside warranty terms.

If your locomotive is a bit ‘lumpy’ out of the box, try following the lubrication instructions and oiling con rod screw points, slide bars and the gears through the helpful lubrication holes on the underside ‘keeper plate’.

After lubrication run for 5-10 minutes at a moderate speed on a rolling road or your layout and things should settle down nicely as the parts bed in.

Out of all the models returned ‘faulty’ (and there have been only a market leading few of those), The majority worked perfectly after lubrication and were returned to their purchasers who continue to enjoy them.

DJM / Kernow OO Gauge Beattie Well Tank Exploded Parts and Maintenance Diagrams

beattie-well-tank           Sound fitted Beattie Well tank video

Beattie Well Tank Parts Diagram    Exploded Diagrams

Beattie Parts artwork _06Sept2016

Beattie Well Tank instructions_06Sept2016     Instructions & Maintenance

DJM / Kernow OO Gauge Adams O2 Exploded Parts and Maintenance Diagrams


K2101-K2102     Exploded Diagrams

K2103-K2105-K2107     Exploded Diagrams

K2104-K2106      Exploded Diagrams

Adams O2_Parts Q2-B

Adams O2_2015-07-18R2-2   Instructions & Maintenance

Adams O2_Parts Q2-A

DJM OO gauge  J94 locomotive Exploded Parts and Maintenance Diagrams

j94 Spur OO

Removing the smokebox door is quite straight forward, however be warned it might, because of the handrail across the top of the water tank be a little stiff first time. Basically it needs sliding to the side until its free of the running plate. Refitting is merely this process in reverse.

Here is some video of 68023 running

Some online reviews…

Here is a sound fitted (By Digitrains) J94

Here is a Video showing the removal and refitting of the smokebox door using a Kernow LMR version J94.

160530_J94_R2     Instructions & Maintenance

J94-68023     Exploded Diagrams

J94-NCB     Exploded Diagrams

J94-71515     Exploded Diagrams

J94-196    Exploded Diagrams

J94 dissassembly part2

J94 dissassembly part 2

DJM OO Gauge Class 71 Exploded Parts & Maintenance Diagrams


OO Gauge Class 71 Exploded parts diagram    Exploded Diagrams



Here is the function mapping of the class 71 under DCC control

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