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The best way to get in touch is by email to or via RMweb sending a message to me hereΒ

I’ll get back to you as soon as possible but it could take a few days when I’m tied up with shows/trips etc.

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  1. Ian H

    Congrats on the launch Dave, looking forward to buying and enjoying all three of the N gauge models!

    Can you drop me an email with your new email address?

    All the best,

  2. Ray Corton

    Great news, at last a manufacturer who wants to be professional in his approach. wish every success as you deserve it.

    Ray (black wheels) Corton

  3. Mick Hollyoake

    Hi Dave,

    It was good to meet you again today (albeit briefly), and great to hear of your planned releases in N gauge.
    If the N Gauge Forum can be of any help by all means drop me a line at
    I am one of the Senior Admin team and would be pleased to pass anything on to our membership, now numbering over 2,600 worldwide.
    In the meantime, very best wishes to you.
    Kind regards

  4. Mark Alden

    Hi Dave, glad to see you are staying within the industry. With the quality, time and effort you put into the Western you deserve to continue your great success… I shall look forward to the OO gauge Class 74 and prototype HST ;-)… fingers crossed … and hoping..

  5. Dave Spashett

    Best wishes to you in your new venture Dave. I’ve met you on many occasions at exhibitions, and open days. First met at Bristol exhibition when you were with George. As a GWR fan one 4-6-0 I feel is missing from the RTR range is a County with its unique straight name plate.
    Best wishes for the future Dave, hope to see you at an exhibition soon with your own stand.
    May be hear from you soon.
    Dave Spashett

  6. Robert Mears

    Hi David,
    We have not met but we did talk on phone once to sort out a problem, just to say good luck with the new venture and hope to place an order on Monday if up and running by then.
    Best wishes Bob.

  7. Michael

    Nice to have another ready to run supplier. Will the J94 00 gauge have enough room for dcc sound?
    Look forward to seeing developments.

  8. Michael

    Thanks for repy, (very quick), re sound on the J94 00,gauge. I have now pre-ordered with Kernow. Look forward with interest to the model.

  9. Steve Barton

    Best of Luck Dave, hope this venture goes well. After you costing me a model a while back, I appreciate the financial risks you may be taking here so hope it all pans out. I’ll be watching with interest… I still want an Adelante you know…..

  10. JerryE

    Just looked at your “pre-order” page, sorry to be awkward Dave but will there be a non PayPal option, perhaps in partnership with a third-party retail distributor, some people refuse to touch PP with a bargepole…

    Oh and that 2mm Baby Deltic looks interesting (the GN London suburban in the 1960s anyone?), but do please do get that head-code box correct, everything else can’t be spot-on but if that front end is not 100% correct then model is as much good as a astray on a motorbike!

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Jerry,

      Thanks for the mail.

      When I ready to take payments I would hope for more than just a paypal option, however you can also pay by credit card via the paypal link you’d be sent.

      As for the front end? I agree, the face is everything. Any comments regarding the cad/cam front end?
      I ask because not only have I used all the plans that I am aware are currently available, but will also listen to any views that can make the model ‘just right’.

      Let me know.

      1. JerryE

        Hi Dave, as far as I can tell your BD front end looks good but it’s hard to ‘dimension’ visually off the non radiator end as there is little to go on (even less without livery…), if there is a 3/4 CAD/CAM view from that end showing the left hand (drivers side) it would help as there is an access blanking plate on the body-side between cab door and radiator gill that can be used to get a line off. All the photographs I’ve seen suggest that the top edge of this access plate is in line with the rubber seal on the bottom edge of the head code glazing. You certainly do seem to have caught the “look” of bulk to the head code box.

  11. Terry Demand

    Can you clear up an ambiguity about the places that DJ Models can be ordered from. I’ve posted an interest to this site in a ‘oo’ gauge J94, as that scale is my interest. On this site you advise that models will initially be available from DJ Models and at present there are no retailers listed, however Kernow Models of Camborne are now listing all of your proposed models as available for preorder at a discounted price. Have they jumped the gun?

    Terry Demand

  12. Peter Morgan

    Love the line upvery much interested in the “J94”, however as my interest is South Wales, any chance of some NCB Austerities or even better “so weathered you just can’t tell who owns em” Austerities as future releases?

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Peter,
      The J94 can, and I’m sure will, be painted in a myriad of liverys.
      It may not be from the first or second batch, but who knows?

  13. Llew Baker

    I wish you every success in your venture, – from your description of the service you wish to provide you deserve to succeed.
    I am an EM gauge modeller, and have tended to build kits because it’s often easier than converting rtr models, good as they are. Are you able to say whether or not your locos will be easily converted to EM?
    Kind regards
    Llew Baker

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Llewellyn,
      Thanks for the mail.
      At present I’m just finishing the models design so I am looking about the ease of modification for EM gauge.

  14. Nick

    No mention of being DCC ready on the Clayton. Is this just an omission? I like the look of it a lot, but as i model 100% DCC it makes it less attractive if I have to butcher the internals to fit a chip

    Good luck with the whole venture

    Nick F.

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Nick,

      Sorry for the omission, as yes, the class 17 is DCC ready with a 6 pin decoder socket already wired in.

      I’ll get the class 17 blurb changed, and thanks for bringing it to my attention.

  15. bill bett

    look forward to models,but wish someone would do a N B Scott or Glen ,however evey succes,regards Bill.

  16. Chris

    I have purchesed the oo gauge j94 hope it will come in privet liverys in the future
    I have lots of missing rtr locos I can list them that modelers want
    I am a admin at the mere model rail comp
    Lots of ideas from the team
    Includeing 0-4-0stbarclys and small pekett shunters
    class 2p
    And a sdjr one would be nice
    A gwr no 1 diesel 0-6 -0
    Dock crane tank
    Usa s160

    In oo gauge
    Another high one is the 94xx
    County class

  17. john russell

    Hi Dave,
    First of all belated congratulations for the launch of your new venture and I wish you all the success for the future.
    I am impressed by the class 17 & 23 models in ‘n’ guage and I think it is long overdue that the ‘other 2’ manufacturers had some competition and I think what you are doing will certainly give them a run for their money.
    I note from your list of stockists that there are none in the Norwich, Norfolk area. The other day I visited the Bure Valley Railway near Norwich and went into their model railway shop. I was amazed by the stock they held, how it was displayed and how competitive their prices were and I consider it to be a good outlet for your models.


    John Russell

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi john,

      I’m just in the process of inviting stockists to take my products and the BVR will definitely be amongst them.

  18. Ian Smith

    Hi Dave,

    Like that ’00’ Austerity!

    Just a couple of points to note….

    Please remember to include the runners, for the cab roof panel. These run forward from the panel, at about 85% of it’s length. Also, the reversing lever is still ‘cranked’, on the standard version. I’ve only ever seen the lever in this arrangement when the locos in question were gas producers.

    Can’t wait to see the finished product.


  19. robert shrives

    Hi Dave ,
    Well now football cannot distract you ! Any update on tooling news- work done ?

  20. Simon Glidewell

    Hello Dave,

    I am extremely interested in your proposed class 71 (for my P4 layout) but as I am not a member of RMweb would it still be possible for me to buy one or become a sponsor, regardless? I don’t suppose you know what the minimum sponsorship amount of money will be at this stage? If you are not a sponsor can you still buy a loco, presuming that it does get produced?

    All the best

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Simon,

      once the crowd sourcing goes live (soon I hope), you can become a sponsor and will receive one as a ‘reward’ for contributing as a matter of course.
      However once the crowdsourcing appeal finishes, and providing its successful, they will not be made available with stockists (and certainly not with the numbers etc published) aropund 6-12 months after the crowdsourcing release.


  21. ian surtees

    Hi Dave,

    Let me know when you’re passing Swindon and we can have a coffee and a catch up. STEAM has got some monster loco moves planned for August 2015, so it would be good to have a discussion on what’s happening here.

    Hope the new business venture is putting bread on the table for you and you’re get the buy-in from customers that you deserve!

    Best wishes

    Ian Surtees

  22. Jose Kimber

    Hi Dave
    Given that I have been begging for a GWR Mogul for years for my Dulverton layout, I must have at least one! It will plug a big gap. The sooner the better, please!! It’s sure to be very popular.

  23. Barry

    Hi Dave. I saw on the Grahammuz model railway site that you may be producing a southern region class 71. I think these were what I used to call E5000ers. I’d like to express an interest in one if this comes to fruition. Some years ago I made a DC kits model of this loco and although it looks OK has never run satisfactorily. I have great memories as a teenager of seeing them on the ‘Night Ferry’.
    Best Wishes

    1. Dave Jones

      Indeed I am, there are press releases in all the forthcoming model railway magazines, plus in the products and trade section of RMweb.
      I’ll be posting further details on here and launching the crwd sourcing scheme next week.

  24. Ian Murray

    Hi Dave. Very interested in your class 71 project. Would certainly consider committing up front to see this model to fruition. Ian Murray

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Ian,

      thanks for the mail.
      you should be able to do this via the website in the next couple of days.
      please check on Monday or Tuesday and I thank you in advance for your support.

    1. Dave Jones

      He Les,

      and thanks for the mail.
      As with all DJModels products I don’t post wishful release dates, preferring to be open and above all honest about developments as and when I have something to announce.
      Please check the ‘Timeline’ page on this website from time to time to check on progress. If theres no new announcement I wont make one up, its just I have nothing to add since the previous one.
      this way it lets everyone know what the situation is at any time.

  25. robert shrives

    Hi Dave, Hope all well, almost a year since 17 approved for tooling – how goes it now and good to see a KIng for the 4mm guys – seen Asters G1 opus so good luck a complex loco. Subbed up to the 2mm railcar so hope that works,
    Have fun at Cov show

  26. Nick Nash

    Hey Dave, do you think that in 2 years when you do your next announcement that you could do an 00 gauge 63xx 2-6-0 29xx Saint Class 4-6-0 & 15xx 0-6-0PT as I would like to see those in 00 Gauge so I can add at least one of each to my Vale of Cecil layout *the layout is still in planning*?

  27. Nick Nash

    Hai Dave, I was thinking since 63395 is preserved in BR Late Crest Unlined Black that the model of 63395 should have the late crest? Just a thought, it’s not currently preserved in its NER livery.

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Rob,

      Thanks for the mail.
      It’s a good idea, but my business plan doesn’t look at wagons for at least 5 years due to the investment required against returns and over what period of Time. Loco’s are much easier.

  28. Roy Jillings

    Your entry into this competitive market is really ambitious and much welcome.
    May your venture bring the success you deserve.

    Are you able to supply an ‘N’ gauge J94 DCC fitted?


    Roy J

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Roy,
      Thanks for the mail
      I’d love to and may still do, but as a one man bank it maybe something that is beyond me (time wise).
      I will look at it though.

  29. Roy Penman

    Hi Dave,
    Just checking once again to see what up-dates you have on the 00 Austerity Tanks. I have 3 on reserve, NCB No. 65 an 2 of the BR numbers. THANK YOU.
    Best Regards,

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Roy,

      I’m currently awaiting for revised samples from the tooling which incorporate more changes that drastically improve the look of the model.

  30. robert shrives

    hi Dave ,
    Is the site still in use not seen anything in months on 17 or 23? love to hear good news but any is better than nothing, My PC asked if I wanted to delete site off favourites due to inactivity !
    Will you get to RM day at Taunton

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Robert,

      Yup it’s been quiet recently hasnt it?
      The 17 and 23 are in the tooling queue, merely waiting for the finances to flow again from the J94 investment. The J94 having doubled in tooling costs to allow for all the variations.

      Meanwhile, the SPA wagon and first Beatties are here with the O2 in production, so things are now moving along nicely, albeit slowly.

  31. Mark Southon

    Very impressed with your vision and ambition when I met you last year at the Mid Hants Gala. Looking forward to the O2’s (5 years since ordering but, as they say, good things come to those who wait and glad you came on board with it)
    I would love to see a SECR P class in 00 particulary given the myriad of liveries carried during their life. With the continued good sales of the Hornby Terrier and other smaller tanks it must be a decent proposition…
    Keep up the good work!

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Mark,

      That’s very kind of you, thank you.
      I’m rather pleased i managed to rescue the project for Kernow, and that its now almost into production.
      It’s been a long time coming but i think you’ll like the finished model πŸ™‚

  32. Rob


    Can I ask if you are doing the Kernow PBA with differences on each of the white and the blues ltd editions regards ends and side pipe work


  33. Rob

    Hi again

    Just wanted to ask if you would take up a challenge of a 00 wagon I would love to see made.

    Would you consider doing some phosphorus tank ferry wagons. I believe There were three types used. 1 Tiphook wagons was more basic and Golden Valley Hobbies sis an HO a law on. 2. On Rail and EVA tank wagons were more like though had different walkway tops and maybe different end detail. Would you consider doing one or all three wagons


  34. Ali Steele

    Hi Dave,

    I’m an N gauge modeller, really looking forward to what you’re releasing. Just wondered if you’re only planning on doing loco’s or if you have any plans for rolling stock too?

    All the best!


  35. Ant

    Looking forward to the release of the class 71 (I have ordered two). They were REALLY something to travel behind. Their acceleration was truly phenomenal.
    Not the prettiest loco to look at but they will make a superb addition to my southern-themed layout.
    Just one question – have any of the sound chip manufacturers been primed to make a chip for these models? Their whistle was very distinctive and it would be nice to re-create this on a layout.

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Ant,

      i know of no DCC sound company producing a sound decoder for this loco. I’m sure, given the right files etc that someone will do domething, especially as the DJM 71 is designed to fit sound if required.

  36. Mark

    Hi dave

    I was just wondering if you are still doing the gwr class moguls because I’ve heard your not can you shed any light on please because I have one pre order at

  37. Dave Jones

    Hi David,

    sorry for the very late delay.

    I’m delighted to say that you can order J94’s from your preferred DJM stockists as from about 3 weeks ago.


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