Exhibitions and Presentations Diary

DJModels will be attending selected events through the year / years

Current shows booked and Provisional  (B), (P)

Fareham   1st & 2nd October 2016 Display Stand (B)

Perth    24th and 25th June 2017 Display Stand (P)

Crewe Railway Centre    22 & 23rd July 2017  Display Stand & Presentation (B)

Spennymoor 2017 (P)

Fareham 2017 (P)


10 thoughts on “Exhibitions and Presentations Diary

  1. Adrian Brown

    Just to wish you well in your venture. Although the Bachmann and (some) Hornby products are pretty remarkable by the standards of yesteryear, your ‘mission statement’ offers even more.

    Good luck


    PS just for interest my major interest is pre-war steam, although as my latest project is a heritage railway, the J94 is a must have for a retired driver on the Lakeside and Havertwaite Railway

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Roger,
      Thanks for the mail.
      I’m afraid although I’ve got a lot of ideas regarding further models, I can’t comment on any unannounced plans or thoughts at all, sorry.

  2. Robin Whittle

    Hi Dave,
    Looks a excellent model – you have persuaded me to preorder a low bunker version for my CHPR Sheep Pasture layout from MDR in Portishead. Any idea of the likely production date?



  3. Andrew Wrobel

    Are you going to do an event in the South East, similar to that in Preston please? PS. I realise this might be a circular question, but when do you anticipate the next Timeline update?

  4. Mark Whittle

    Hi dave just wondering how far off king George 5 is for release and can you give me an update on the class 63xx please if possible.

    Mean thanks

    M R Whittle

    1. Dave Jones

      Hi Mark,
      This is something you need to- take up with Hattons directly as I am bound by a confidentiality agreement and cannot give information such as this out I’m afraid.


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