OO gauge APT Crowdfunding and T & C’s etc

DJM and Durham Trains of Stanley have announced the iconic APT model in OO gauge.

Anyone can order one through the Durham Trains of Stanley website, as they are handling orders for this DJM project. Please note: DJM will be solely responsible for this project from design, crowdfunding, invoicing, and delivery.

Please see…….


Any Orders are transferred immediately to DJModels Ltd, as DJM are totally responsible for the project, payments etc, and your contract is with DJM only. DJM will then be invoicing each customer in turn for subsequent deposits. Payment is made to DJM via Paypal (you do not need a paypal account to do so), and there are 4 payments required in total as each milestone is reached. Milestones will be shown on the DJM , DTos and other web fora, as well as magazines. Updates will also show, where possible, video and photographs of progress.

Please Note: Any ‘pure’ crowdfunding venture is an investment with no guarantee of return, and your invested capital (deposit payments) are at risk. Please consider carefully whether you wish to partake in this venture before ordering.

Please also see this page for clarification on just what Crowdfunding actually is………….

Crowdfunding T&C