OO and N gauge APT progress update 25.12.2017

OO and N gauge APT-P Crowdfunding update

Since this project was announced in N gauge at Warley 2017, and in OO a week later, we have been inundated by orders for each version we propose producing. Subsequently adding a shorter Black window surround version (set 003) to keep the balance of models ‘just right’, demand has been extremely encouraging.

OO, as expected leads the N gauge versions by a considerable margin but as Mick and Dave both model N we hope the N gauge one will get over the line with crowdfunding, but it will probably take a bit longer than the OO one to do so and as such we will monitor this accordingly.

However, taking into account this is being written in only the 4th weekend since the announcement we are pleased with the response for both gauges.

Updates will come as and when we have news, but for now, we have sourced the manufacturer for the train, specified motor type, drive system type, had basic designs made by Dave for the Tilting system, and for the electrical connections through the train.

We are constantly refining details of the mechanism etc, and this refining will pay dividends for the model once tooling starts.

As to the APT open day at Crewe? This will happen once we reach the figure required for Cad-Cam / tooling / production to start, and will be announced as and when.
For those attending the Model Rail Scotland in early 2018 , please pop by the Durham Trains of Stanley stand and speak to Mick about the project, Dave will also try and make the weekend to give support.

If you have ordered, thank you. If not and are thinking of doing so, please do, the project needs numbers to get across the line, and once there you will more than probably be one of a very select ownership club, as we do not envisage this model going into further production for model shop release at any time in the future, so you will have a very special model.

All the best Christmas and New Year’s wishes to you all.
Mick Worrell (DToS) & Dave Jones (DJmodels Ltd)