N gauge King GWR 4-6-0 Reaches 50% Crowdfunding

Great news!!! As of this bank holiday weekend, the N gauge GWR 4-6-0 ‘King’ steam locomotive has reached 50% of the crowdfunding target needed to make this project a reality.

Order here………  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

This proposed model uses the Cad/Cam work from the aborted Hattons OO version and is an opportunity not to be missed using the Crowdfunded method, to get the model made quicker.

The detail, based on a slightly simplified revised cad/cam, will still be market leading for OO let alone N gauge, and what you see above is what i’m going to try and emulate as much as possible in N gauge. And yes, i am still aiming for a no gap front bogie (with a separate bogie in the packaging for those with tighter curves).

As much detail will go into the tender design as well, however it may need revising slightly due to the need for a decoder and a speaker within it.

Order here………….  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

At present, using a coreless motor within the locomotive pointing backwards to a gearbox within the firebox driving the rear axle, i do not see any reason why the cab detail as pictured here on the OO cad/cam cannot be included, within molding constraints.

Order here…….  http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47

To pre-order and be part of history to be in a select group that has successfully crowdfunded an N gauge Steam Locomotive, and one that is as evocative as the GWR ‘King class, please visit the DJM products page at http://djmodels.co.uk/?page_id=47  and from the list at the bottom of the page, select and follow the process through.

An N gauge Crowdfunded King………. Be part of it!