Worlds First 100% successful Crowdfunded R.T.R. locomotive has arrived!

I am delighted to say that as of today (Tuesday 9th May) the Crowdfunded OO gauge class 71 locomotives have arrived in the UK.

Currently with the distributor, these models will be with Crowdfunders in the UK within 48 hours, with some being dispatched today.
Both Hattons and Kernows special editions will be with their respective stockists within about 5-6 days from today.

Many thanks to those that made history with this model and i hope they give you many years of pleasure, knowing that a model of this quality and detail wouldnt have been possible without your input.

Thank you

Dave Jones DJModels Ltd

Instigator of crowdfunding the Class 71 in OO gauge, Pendolino, class 92 and King class steam locomotive in N gauge.