Worlds first 100% Crowdfunded RTR Model departs China!

Hello every one,

I’m delighted to say that the Class 71’s , The worlds first RTR models in any gauge 100% crowdfunded by you, the buying public are complete, assembled, and are all on a ship heading this way.

Arrival here will be posted nearer the date, and i’ll also explain then, the distribution system so that you know roughly to a day or maximum 2, when the UK models will arrive with you.

May i take this opportunity, once again to thank you all for your patience and kindness, in taking a very big ‘leap of faith’ with DJModels and the Crowdfunding concept, and hope that the model gives you all endless hours of pleasure knowing it wouldn’t have happened without you and your like minded fellow modellers.

You’ve made history, and you should all be extremely proud of your achievement.

Thank you
DJModels Ltd