N gauge King Crowdfunding project has started!

Hi everyone,

I have decided to go ahead and gauge interest in a crowdfunding scheme for an N gauge 4-6-0 King locomotive.

Here are some details regarding the ‘going live’ crowdfunding N gauge King.

I’ve decided to go ahead with this, to gauge serious intent from the N gauge community.
therefore i’m going live today and the sign-ups will have until Sunday 17th June 2017 to register an interest.

The 5 models chosen will be totally exclusive to crowdfunders and not be repeated again.
Models will be certificated and have the following specifications.
The model will use the OO cad/cam inherited from Hattons shrunk down to N gauge.

Coreless motor
Next 18 DCC decoder socket
Sound speaker fitment space in tender
Removable tender coal load
traction tyres on rear axle but with non traction tyres replacement axle set in box
2 types of bogies for customer choice for track clearance
etched name and number plates
polished steel effect con rods
darkened RP72.110 wheel sets
close coupling (if possible) on tender rear.
12 wheel pick up (tender and loco)
etched fire irons
separate hand lamps within accessory bag
Loco drive onto rear axle from motor
Maximum weight possible within technical boundaries

How much?
Crowdfunding cost per locomotive £135.50 (no limit to the amount of Kings the crowdfunder can purchase.

RRP for loco when on sale in other guises £159.95

Payments for each model will be in stages if crowdfunding meets the amount needed to make project viable.
only then will deposit invoices be sent out…..
Initial deposit £30.00 (this is non refundable)
then 1st EP tooling deposit £50.00 (non refundable)
lastly the remaining total plus £8.00 shipping = £63.50 (non refundable)

Please note the funds are non refundable due to the nature of the crowdfunding and the tooling needing £100,000.00 So please only put your name down if you are serious about owning what will be a fantastic model. Payment by credit card is recommended.

No invoicing is done until or unless the minimum amount of Crowdfunding is reached for this model.

From the end of June, providing crowdfunding reaches its required level, final design will start, taking approximately 4 weeks using the OO gauge cad/cams as the starting point. Once completed tooling to 1st EP standard should take 6-8 weeks. 1 month for review and comments, then the 2nd ep (production standard) tooling should take the same 6-8 weeks.
Decorated models will be produced using the 1st EP models to keep the wait to a minimum.
Production will be 4 weeks
shipping 4 – 6 weeks including land transport to distributor, then 48 hours to ship to UK customers.

All phases of the project will be covered by tooling / production photographs and reports when there is news to be shared, and the ship name will be notified to allow us all to follow the consignment progress across the world.

Please visit www.djmodels.co.uk and the sub page ‘pre orders and other’ to sign up for a King!