Latest J94’s are here!

I am pleased to announce that the latest OO Gauge J94 models have arrived in country, cleared customs and will be sent to my distributor for onward shipment to stockists to arrive by Friday of this week.

I will be invoicing those who ‘expressed an interest’ over the next few days, and if you are one, but no longer want the model, please simply cancel the invoice by using the tab on the mail that arrives.

The models are as follows;
OOJ94-002 #68061 ‘British Railways’ original low bunker
OOJ94-003 #8064 LNER original bunker height (Block lettering)
OOJ94-004 #8023 LNER original bunker height (Relief Lettering)
OOJ94-005 #68068 ‘British Railways’ with tall bunker

Pictures of them taken in the first real sunshine of the year are here below.