Proposed N gauge 4-6-0 GWR/BR King locomotive

N gauge King Class locomotive
With the recent handing over of the OO King locomotive project to DJModels to take forward, I have decided that, although the King is still in my thoughts, I should look towards a market that isn’t currently satisfied by an accurate King Model. That market is in N gauge.
With the transfer if the OO project to DJModels, it leaves me in a great position to ‘shrink’ the cad/cam to N gauge and put in a redesigned mechanism. It’s (to simplify somewhat) a far easier proposition than starting from scratch as all the leg work has been completed on design and variations.
So with this in mind, and knowing that I currently do not have the funds to take this forward in N gauge, I am wondering if an N gauge GWR king locomotive would be something that could be crowdfunded?
With the back burner placement of the OO version there is a fantastic opportunity to produce this model and quickly as tooling / production slots for the OO one are already reserved in China and I would rather use them for an N gauge version than cancel them.
So, I am asking for opinions and thoughts of any interested parties to this project, and have opened a section on RMweb complete with a ‘poll’ for those that care to take part.
Please note this is not the start of a crowdfunding exercise, merely a request for those that may be interested to register that interest accordingly.
Also note that this model, as with all crowdfunding ones, are not affected by standard range of previously announced models, and vice versa.
The proposed King will have the following specification…
Coreless motor
Next 18 decoder compatibility
Traction tyre on rear drivers
Replacement rear driver set with no traction tyres
2 types of bogie for those with tighter radius curves
Heavy tungsten split frame chassis
12 wheel pick up
Alternate cab, chimney, blastpipe, tender details amongst others
Removable coal load
Fire irons
Etched nameplates and number plates
Removable front coupling box
Close coupling tender to loco mechanism
Close coupling rear tender coupling arm
All crowdfunded models will be available at well under RRP and be exclusive to Crowdfunded members only (not available in shops or elsewhere), and probably include 6000 in as preserved livery, 6023 in BR Blue preserved livery, and 3 others covering some of the livery gaps including BR Late, and GWR.
Prices and final decision on crowdfunding will be released in the next few weeks, but this is a fantastic opportunity to bring a very accurate N gauge King model to the market in a short timeframe.
Interested? Please visit the following to register your thoughts….
Dave Jones
DJModels Ltd