Class 1361 for Kernow gets even closer with production starting

Hi everyone,
With the Kernow OO Gauge 1361 class 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive model getting ever closer to delivery, its now a good time to tell you all about it in more detail.

At the outset Kernow has insisted that i should produce all variants of the model we could find and as such we set about finding all the details and with the exclusive help of the GWS at Didcot we were able to laser scan various components of the real thing (it was stripped down for rebuild) and we had exclusive access to the real thing to be able to do this.

Kernow was adamant that their version would be the most definitive and accurate version available and it seems we have jointly hit the mark with the models being produced.
Yes it’s taken a longer time and more money than originally expected, rather like the D600 model currently tooling very soon, but this approach reaps dividends when it comes to the finished model.

That doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels and bringing you just a good model. No, right down to the wire this model has changed slightly when more information has come to light, such was Kernow’s insistence to accuracy and there are changes to the release below on production models.

So, please feel free to take a close look at the release below, and play ‘spot the difference’ and see what Kernow have been up to this last few years.

You can order your version or versions directly from Kernow Model Rail Centre online or by telephone today.1361-spot-the-difference-1