Caledonian Class 92 , permission received!


Today i have been granted permission to use the new Caledonian livery of Teal Blue with the white side stag emblem for the N gauge and OO gauge class 92.


This model will now this evening be added to the ‘expressions of interest’ / reservation page for you to reserve your model

Each model will come with a limited edition certificate signed by both myself and David Simpson, Production Director of Caledonian Railways.

and feature a purpose designed sleeve in N and Box in OO gauge designed in collaboration with Caledonian.

However that’s not all. Due to changes in design of the real thing i will be following this with each model of the class 92, and as such the Caledonian 92’s will have the raised couplers, a 3rd variation of the lower front valance and alternate lighting arrangements, amongst other changes that will be announced as the project gathers further pace.

The N gauge version will now have switchable cab lighting and corridor lighting along side its OO brother.011v1

As both expressions of interest have proved totally successful I am delighted to announce that work has now gone on to such an extent that the cad/cam for this loco is due around Warley time, with metal cutting soon thereafter on both gauges with a view to fast tracking the models for period 3 of next year.

With this in mind I will start invoicing those who expressed an interest within 24 hours, for the initial deposit of £30.00 per locomotive.

Thank you to all those that have had faith in me, and have joined me on the worlds second fully crowdfunded British RTR model locomotive in both N and OO gauges.