NEW! DJM OO Gauge J94’s arrive in the UK for Hattons

I’m delighted to announce that the first batch of DJM’s OO gauge J94’s have arrived in the UK and are available from Hattons.
These exclusive special editions are only available in limited numbers so please do not wait too long before ordering as they are sure to sell out quickly.

The first arrivals are:
J9401 – Austerity 0-6-0ST “Robert” in NCB Bold Colliery lined green
J9402 – Austerity 0-6-0ST 71515 in Mech Navvies maroon
J9407 – Austerity 0-6-0ST No 4 in NCB Backworth Colliery lined black
J9408 – Austerity 0-6-0ST 98 “Royal Engineer” in Army green

The models in full 360 degrees glory can be seen here…

Also received this week at DJM headquarters have been the following DJM J94’s for sending to the press for review… DJM Early Crest J94, RMweb No.65 in yellow, Longmooor Blue J94 for Kernow and ‘Wilbert’ for the Dean Forest Railway.

Wilbert can be seen on this page….

No.65 can be seen on this page….