Mermaid 1st EP in N gauge arrives

A couple of weeks ago the first EP of the N Mermaid wagon arrived and now i have more details tied down i thought it time to show you all.

DJM Mermaid 5 DJ1

Firstly please note it is a first EP, more detail has to be added to the wagon and chassis, and a second EP is now with me being looked at carefully.

Meanwhile painted samples are being produced in China for evaluation as paint matched swatches have been approved for Olive Green, Black, Straw (lettering for black wagons), Gulf Red and engineers Grey/Yellow ‘Dutch’ liveries
DJM Mermaid 8 DJ1

Meanwhile, as is my stated aim of trying as hard as i can to keep monies in Great Britain, i have reached an agreement with John Isherwood of Cambridge Custom Transfers to supply his wonderful artwork for the Mermaid in all livery versions. This is good for me as it saves time, but is also good for the modeler as you can, if you wish to, renumber your Mermaids with John’s decal sheet, and find that his decals match the models Tampo printing accurately.
DJM Mermaid 9 DJ1

Things to note are the NEM coupling boxes, Close coupling arms, see through chassis, internal body detail, removable ballast load using my ‘quick load’ magnetic system, a wealth of underframe detail.

The process now goes forward, box design will be finished, fully finished samples will be approved, and i hope to get a relatively quick production date (that is not guaranteed unfortunately), then roughly 2-4 weeks production followed by 6 weeks on the road, dock yard, high seas, and to my distribution agent.
I will, of course, publish details of the ship its travelling on for those that are interested in watching the models journey across the world.

Order yours today for £19.95 (RRP) from any DJModels Stockist