N gauge Mermaid breaks cover

First shots of the slightly delayed Mermaid ballast wagon in N gauge have been received.
However as can be seen from the first EP pictures here the ‘outer’ side wall is too thin and needs ‘beefing’ up in thickness.

This sounds as though it will cause problems with the look of the wagon, but no, as the inside is molded as a separate part its just a case of altering the tool to make the outside of the body and the inside of the body 1 piece, thereby making it stronger and thicker.

A quick and easy thing to do, but it obviously slightly delays the mermaid some more, but to get it right is important, i’m sure you’ll agree?





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Paint samples have been approved, and artwork for the lettering completed and approved, so it just needs making and sending, once the tooling mod is completed.
The ‘wheel’ by the way is the underside air tank, being used in the photo as a prop for photography.