Revised Class 71 is unveiled

As i’m sure you all know, i had asked for some alterations to the tooling of the class 71 ‘Crowdfunded’ model to alter a couple of things i wasnt happy with and to add a couple of great new features that any model of this quality should have.

The eagle eyed among you will readily notice little touches to the loco like the correct width bogie frames, or the bogie frame steps that have a support that is accurate in having a see though casting, just like the real locomotive.
Note the etched brass works plate on the cab side, of the huge wealth of added detail to the bogie sides which are mostly added in the factory rather than take the easy way out and moulding the more difficult ones on.


Added to this the correct size , shape and positioning of the roof lifting panels and lugs, or the roof air vent which is not on later versions which have instead, cab window pillars with small square vents in them.


Also there was a clarification alteration to the recess of the cab front windows, which on the real thing support the addition of the off white cab front window surrounds. (Without this correct moulding you would not be able to paint the cab front window surround, and only be able to paint the 2 central front window pillars


The radius cab side curves are corrected and some small detail in the pantograph well added. This well features a plastic pantograph cross type arm which is pose able, and a metal pantograph collector head. Doing this we are able to show the correctly sized 3 panto raising springs, pipes and the bicycle type chains that are used for raising and lowering the pantograph. And although the pantograph isn’t sprung, it is felt that having more accurate detail visible is preferable.

A small tweek will include altering the handrails on the cab for more realism.
Decorated samples will be made available to me within a couple of weeks for you all to view here.
For those going to the Alexandra Palace show, this model will be available for examination on the Kernow Model Railway Stand.

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