N gauge Class 17 locomotive (Latest Update)

N gauge Class 17 update

I am conscious that there have been a couple of requests on this topic for an update on the progress of the Class 17 and crowdfunding investors will all be keen to have this too I am sure.

Regrettably it is not the news I had hoped to share, and things have not progressed to the plan I had envisaged. There have been difficulties which mean that I cannot progress this project at this time despite tooling having taken place and payment made for the tooling on the model under agreement with China.

If I was able to provide a revised timescale and believe I could deliver to it, I would leave it to investors to decide whether it would be acceptable to them, but as it is, I cannot do even that currently.

So, I have reached the conclusion, that as I cannot now promise delivery of the Class 17 models on the basis that those who funded up front were expecting, it would not be right to continue to hold their money. I will therefore be refunding all those who have “crowdfunded” this models 2nd EP tooling monies in full during the course of approximately the next 5-10 days.

I am sure you will all be disappointed as I am, but I feel this is the only fair way to deal with the situation. I am sure you will all appreciate that I personally find myself at this time out of pocket to the tune of a significant amount (before I even think about the time I have invested in research, design etc) but that is, rightly, my risk.

I am hopeful that the class 17 will go ahead though, but it now finds itself, unfortunately, a ‘back burner item’ at this time.

However, I have mitigated further risk by seeding various projects with a number of factories so as not to have all my eggs in a single basket.

The N gauge King and Class 92’s are seeded with a factory that has many successful designs and manufacture that are well known UK modellers.

The King is moving on in leaps and bounds now and a first cad/cam has been received and checked and found to be a little too high and long (3 inches in length at 12 inches to the foot scale, for instance).
The 92’s will follow the King into the tool room so that Autumn and winter of this year things are looking more productive than they have been for a long while now.

The APT is seeded with another factory and contracts have been granted for the design, tool and supply to this manufacturer who makes models for the USA market for a number of high profile companies there. This company will also be completing further N gauge models that will now start to move along the design and tooling to production line. This model will enter tooling once the cad/cam and testing on a scale mock up has been completed successfully.

The shark and mermaid wagons are with a third factory, and they will be commissioned with more wagons and perhaps locomotives as things progress.