OO Gauge APT is GO!!!

OO gauge APT, all systems go!!

With the recent upswing in more orders for the OO gauge APT, DJM & DToS have decided that as we are only 22 sales short of the break even figure, we should go ahead and make a full start on this iconic train. By doing this more crowdfunders will sign up and push us over the line.

So with this in mind, we are getting all main groups to agree on a date on Saturday 2nd June 2018 when we can have the ‘Scanning Party’ at Crewe Heritage Centre.
Access will be for press and crowd funders only

The day will consist of the scanning of 3 / 4 coaches of the train that is on site, with the cloud scan visible for viewing almost immediately.
The scanning company will have representatives on site to talk to anyone interested in the process, and will be giving (subject to availability) a presentation on scanning, its accuracy, and how the initial scan is turned into something that can be used for conversion into a scale model.

There will also be a presentation by Dave Jones (DJModels) about the process involved in getting the model to the modellers layouts, design, specifications etc.

Michael Worral from Durham Trains of Stanley, who’s idea this originally was, will also be in attendance to answer questions.

Crewe Heritage Centre’s own APT expert, Brian Porter, will be on hand to chat about the trains ongoing preservation, and the new power car received recently from the closed Coventry Rail Centre.

Kit Spackman (Mr APT) will also be on hand to talk about the real thing, and testing / design

We also hope that Peter Purves, of BBC Blue Peter, will be giving a short talk on the APT (Peter was on the first press run of the ‘P’ train, and his film can be seen on U-Tube).

A small Lunch with hot and cold drinks will be served from the buffet of the APT for ‘lunch on the train’ while afterwards a demonstration with everyone on board will take place of the tilt system.

You will also have full and private access to the Crewe Heritage Centre, and balcony overlooking Crewe Station and approaches from an elevated vantage point, so don’t forget your camera!

Mike Lenz of Crewe Heritage Centre will also be attending and will be free to answer any questions you may have about the Centre and their forthcoming celebrations for their anniversary.

The day will start at around 10.30am, and will finish at approximately 4.30pm and only be available to OO gauge crowdfunders and there will be no charge for entry, but you will need to book in before hand and check in with the entrance upon arrival so that we can confirm numbers attending.

Please mail your intention to attend to Dave Jones at the following; info@djmodels.co.uk

With this in mind, within the next 2 weeks deposit invoices will start going out for 25% of each models price to allow work to start in earnest.

Thanks once again to Crowdfunding we have, what will be, only the second fully crowfunded OO RTR model Railway locomotive / Train in the world, and one of an iconic train which despite its’ working life being cut short, has a fond place in most of our hearts.