OO gauge APT update

Durham Trains of Stanley & DJModels
OO gauge APT crowdfunding project update

Hello everyone,
When we announced this project, little did we both know just how popular this project would be, and we are delighted to say that we currently stand just 50 sales short of the total needed to ‘press the button’ and start this magical journey properly.

As mentioned in a previous mail, design work has started, and Dave is busy producing drawings for a few bits and pieces that will feature within the final model, including the tilt mechanism, the articulating bogies, the multiple through wiring connectors, and soft touch (no gap) corridor connections.

It’s all very exciting here to be at this stage, and we hope, that if you haven’t ordered your model or models yet, you do so soon, as we have a lot to do, with the laser scanning party, possibly 2 guest speakers and presentations, plus the taking over of Crewe Heritage Centre for a day, and then not forgetting the finalising of the design etc too.

Once the order book is closed, that’s it! Only existing crowdfunders will be allowed to add sets and at the same price they were originally offered too!

If all goes well, then we both expect something tangible to be seen at Warley 2018, at the latest.

So, with this all in mind, and our stated aim to not make a second batch of these models, you will truly have a model of an icon to cherish, run, amaze your friends, wonder at, that is exclusive to you and a select few.

Yes, there will be a very few spare sets made (we envisage 10-20 in total) , and this is to cover warranty replacements and repairs etc, and to see if anyone wants to purchase this model. However, the ‘RRP’ for these sets will be 25% higher per set and only available directly from DToS.