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N gauge Class 17 locomotive (Latest Update)

N gauge Class 17 update

I am conscious that there have been a couple of requests on this topic for an update on the progress of the Class 17 and crowdfunding investors will all be keen to have this too I am sure.

Regrettably it is not the news I had hoped to share, and things have not progressed to the plan I had envisaged. There have been difficulties which mean that I cannot progress this project at this time despite tooling having taken place and payment made for the tooling on the model under agreement with China.

If I was able to provide a revised timescale and believe I could deliver to it, I would leave it to investors to decide whether it would be acceptable to them, but as it is, I cannot do even that currently.

So, I have reached the conclusion, that as I cannot now promise delivery of the Class 17 models on the basis that those who funded up front were expecting, it would not be right to continue to hold their money. I will therefore be refunding all those who have “crowdfunded” this models 2nd EP tooling monies in full during the course of approximately the next 5-10 days.

I am sure you will all be disappointed as I am, but I feel this is the only fair way to deal with the situation. I am sure you will all appreciate that I personally find myself at this time out of pocket to the tune of a significant amount (before I even think about the time I have invested in research, design etc) but that is, rightly, my risk.

I am hopeful that the class 17 will go ahead though, but it now finds itself, unfortunately, a ‘back burner item’ at this time.

However, I have mitigated further risk by seeding various projects with a number of factories so as not to have all my eggs in a single basket.

The N gauge King and Class 92’s are seeded with a factory that has many successful designs and manufacture that are well known UK modellers.

The King is moving on in leaps and bounds now and a first cad/cam has been received and checked and found to be a little too high and long (3 inches in length at 12 inches to the foot scale, for instance).
The 92’s will follow the King into the tool room so that Autumn and winter of this year things are looking more productive than they have been for a long while now.

The APT is seeded with another factory and contracts have been granted for the design, tool and supply to this manufacturer who makes models for the USA market for a number of high profile companies there. This company will also be completing further N gauge models that will now start to move along the design and tooling to production line. This model will enter tooling once the cad/cam and testing on a scale mock up has been completed successfully.

The shark and mermaid wagons are with a third factory, and they will be commissioned with more wagons and perhaps locomotives as things progress.

GDPR legislation (Data Protection) IMPORTANT MESSAGE!

The new General Data Protection Regulation (“GDPR”) comes into effect on 25 May 2018.

To comply with the upcoming NEW GDPR requirements, I need your consent to my (DJModels Ltd) holding and using your personal data to enable me to send you news updates of Crowdfunding models or ‘expressions of interest’ you have shown an interest in. these details, will automatically be removed from the database once the model you are interested in has been released to crowdfunders of stockists.

If you wish to consent to my holding and using your personal data for and only for such purpose, please do not reply to this posting and do nothing. If however, you do object, please mail me at….   using the information in this posting below . All your details will then be removed from the database that holds the said details.
To remove……………..


Your Name:

Models you expressed an interest or ordered:

E-mail message: Please remove all my details (including name, address, and purchase / expression of interest details) from your database
Your e-mail, and information will then be removed from the DJModels Ltd system, and back up drives.


APT Crowdfunding offer close date announced!

APT Press release

Dear Modeller,

As we get closer to the APT scanning party on the 2nd June at Crewe Heritage Centre, we can now tie down the ‘shut down’ date of Crowdfunding orders.

This will be May 30th at 11.59pm

After this date and time it will still be possible to order all APT versions but each set will then cost a higher RRP.

The prices listed below only affect new non existing crowdfunded orders from the 31st May onwards. Existing crowdfunders will still be able to top up their order with new orders at the original Crowdfunders price until tooling starts, and this date will be advised at a later date.
Set 001 will rise from £699.95 to £   933.27
Set 002 will rise from £649.95 to £   866.60
Set 003 will rise from £749.95 to £   999.93
Set 004 will rise from £749.95 to £   999.93
Set 006 will rise from £895.95 to £1,194.60
Set 007 will rise from £995.95 to £1,327.94

The raised price will be in effect until tooling is started. Once tooling has started the order book will close permanently.

OO Gauge APT is GO!!!

OO gauge APT, all systems go!!

With the recent upswing in more orders for the OO gauge APT, DJM & DToS have decided that as we are only 22 sales short of the break even figure, we should go ahead and make a full start on this iconic train. By doing this more crowdfunders will sign up and push us over the line.

So with this in mind, we are getting all main groups to agree on a date on Saturday 2nd June 2018 when we can have the ‘Scanning Party’ at Crewe Heritage Centre.
Access will be for press and crowd funders only

The day will consist of the scanning of 3 / 4 coaches of the train that is on site, with the cloud scan visible for viewing almost immediately.
The scanning company will have representatives on site to talk to anyone interested in the process, and will be giving (subject to availability) a presentation on scanning, its accuracy, and how the initial scan is turned into something that can be used for conversion into a scale model.

There will also be a presentation by Dave Jones (DJModels) about the process involved in getting the model to the modellers layouts, design, specifications etc.

Michael Worral from Durham Trains of Stanley, who’s idea this originally was, will also be in attendance to answer questions.

Crewe Heritage Centre’s own APT expert, Brian Porter, will be on hand to chat about the trains ongoing preservation, and the new power car received recently from the closed Coventry Rail Centre.

Kit Spackman (Mr APT) will also be on hand to talk about the real thing, and testing / design

We also hope that Peter Purves, of BBC Blue Peter, will be giving a short talk on the APT (Peter was on the first press run of the ‘P’ train, and his film can be seen on U-Tube).

A small Lunch with hot and cold drinks will be served from the buffet of the APT for ‘lunch on the train’ while afterwards a demonstration with everyone on board will take place of the tilt system.

You will also have full and private access to the Crewe Heritage Centre, and balcony overlooking Crewe Station and approaches from an elevated vantage point, so don’t forget your camera!

Mike Lenz of Crewe Heritage Centre will also be attending and will be free to answer any questions you may have about the Centre and their forthcoming celebrations for their anniversary.

The day will start at around 10.30am, and will finish at approximately 4.30pm and only be available to OO gauge crowdfunders and there will be no charge for entry, but you will need to book in before hand and check in with the entrance upon arrival so that we can confirm numbers attending.

Please mail your intention to attend to Dave Jones at the following;

With this in mind, within the next 2 weeks deposit invoices will start going out for 25% of each models price to allow work to start in earnest.

Thanks once again to Crowdfunding we have, what will be, only the second fully crowfunded OO RTR model Railway locomotive / Train in the world, and one of an iconic train which despite its’ working life being cut short, has a fond place in most of our hearts.

OO gauge APT update

Durham Trains of Stanley & DJModels
OO gauge APT crowdfunding project update

Hello everyone,
When we announced this project, little did we both know just how popular this project would be, and we are delighted to say that we currently stand just 50 sales short of the total needed to ‘press the button’ and start this magical journey properly.

As mentioned in a previous mail, design work has started, and Dave is busy producing drawings for a few bits and pieces that will feature within the final model, including the tilt mechanism, the articulating bogies, the multiple through wiring connectors, and soft touch (no gap) corridor connections.

It’s all very exciting here to be at this stage, and we hope, that if you haven’t ordered your model or models yet, you do so soon, as we have a lot to do, with the laser scanning party, possibly 2 guest speakers and presentations, plus the taking over of Crewe Heritage Centre for a day, and then not forgetting the finalising of the design etc too.

Once the order book is closed, that’s it! Only existing crowdfunders will be allowed to add sets and at the same price they were originally offered too!

If all goes well, then we both expect something tangible to be seen at Warley 2018, at the latest.

So, with this all in mind, and our stated aim to not make a second batch of these models, you will truly have a model of an icon to cherish, run, amaze your friends, wonder at, that is exclusive to you and a select few.

Yes, there will be a very few spare sets made (we envisage 10-20 in total) , and this is to cover warranty replacements and repairs etc, and to see if anyone wants to purchase this model. However, the ‘RRP’ for these sets will be 25% higher per set and only available directly from DToS.

Class 17 payment invoices now sent to customers

I have today, completed the e-mailing of invoices (Paypal ones) to each and everyone who replied to my letter regarding their ‘expressions of interest’ in the N gauge Class 17, and its up front payment at the set price on my website and free shipping.

If you received 2 invoices, sorry, a simple mistake and please cancel one
If you received nothing, please check your spam folder
If that’s also empty, please mail me directly ( ), and i’ll resend
If you havn’t said yes, but want to be part of this then feel free to contact me soon as the more that say yes, the better.

As mentioned in a previous post…… THANK YOU!

N gauge Class 17 update

Hi everyone,

Just a couple of things by means of an update on the progress of the N gauge class 17 to production, and a small video.

Video first…….

or the you tube link…………….

It’s of the motorised first EP, which made it’s debut at TINGS 2017, running on a layout this last weekend at Stafford show 2018.

Secondly, a progress report….

I wrote to all potential customers (over 200 of them) 10 days ago, with a proposal, and those of you who are they, and are reading this will know of it.

To put it bluntly, i explained that cash flow to go to second EP and production was almost impossible at the moment due to being spread thinly financially. Please note this is not to say the business is destitute, but having the extra to pay for the remaining tooling to high definition wasnt on the cards until later this year.

So i asked the ‘expressors’ if they would like to pay for their models up front, as by doing so, the model could be developed further with 2nd EP tooling being done (please remember i had already paid 50% of the tooling myself on the project to get it to the stage you see in the video). By doing so, the ‘expressor’ would then get their model at the advertised DJM ‘expressions of interest’ price, and i would throw in free postage too, and as such they would avoid all subsequent price rises imposed by China in the last few years.

So, ‘expressors’ wrote back, and although some had had their circumstances change, or even changed gauges, eras etc, i’m please to say i managed to get 50 modellers to say ‘yes’.

While not enough on it’s own, when combined with the finances i have available i’m within 15 customers (so roughly £2000.00 +/-) saying yes to go ahead with both the model , and the box (yes the box needs tooling as well)

If you have not responded, and do not want the model, please mail me and say so, and i’ll remove you from my list for this model as i do not need to keep your details on file. If you still want the loco but dont wish to pay up front, then please by all means sit tight, and i’ll be invoicing you when it’s ready for delivery.

So when is delivery? OK, as you know and can see, the 1st EP is done, and has been done for many months, as i said it debuted at TINGS 2017, and has been on show at Warley etc, and been tested in the meantime to make sure it is reliable and robust.

Going to 2nd EP tooling will start almost immediately, or at least preparations will as CNY is coming upon us and not a lot happens in the 3 or so weeks of shut down and start up.

2nd EP tooling means that the tool is locked down to have all the fine detail added, the glazing tool gets polished to allow for clear glazing, and a further EP sample (working) is delivered to me for final tests, along with painted samples for approval.

Once this is done, the models go into production, scheduled to take a month, then 6 weeks to get here and be distributed.

So i’m aiming at the loco release at or before the TINGS N gauge show in October 2018

Thanks to all who took the leap to allow this to continue and finish this year.



APT over 65% funded in OO gauge, order yours today!

Yes it’s true, this Crowdfunded project has really taken off, and who could resist this true icon of the West Coast Main line, from a time when British ingenuity and skill designed and gave us this futuristic machine?

This model will be the first 14 coach UK outline model train (if you can fit one that size on your layout) ever produced, and comes from a much loved era, when locomotives ruled the rails, when going from London to Glasgow in under 4 hours was a fantastic pipe dream.

To be manufactured in OO and N gauge, and crowdfunded, we will only make what we have orders for, with only a very few for spares etc, and do not envisage making this model available for model shop sales for many years, if at all.
Yes the price is high, but so is the specification. And yes it will tilt too!
Order yours today from the Durham Trains of Stanley website……

Be part of History and own History!

N and OO Gauge (TOPS Numbered) HUO 24.5t hopper wagon additions

Hi everyone,

I can confirm that the TOPS version of the HUO 24.5t hopper wagon is now available to crowdfund / order via this website in both OO and N gauges.

For N gauge versions follow this link……………

For the OO gauge versions follow this link……


N gauge HUO cad cam shown here foe illustration purposes

N gage Stobart Rail class 92 order form now live

Stobart Rail N gauge class 92 order page now live!

Hi everyone, i’m pleased to say that the N gauge Class 92 in Stobart Rail livery order page is now live.

Please note this is strictly limited edition and i will not be making anymore other than what i have to order and a few spares for exchange etc.

Also worth noting is the cost is higher than crowdfunders ‘normal’ models to cater for the license payment that Stobart Rail require me to adhere too, plus the complex overlay graphics mean the factory will have more rejects than normal and this also must be catered for. The models therefore are £167.95 each

Please click on this link to order yours now!