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Worlds First 100% successful Crowdfunded R.T.R. locomotive has arrived!

I am delighted to say that as of today (Tuesday 9th May) the Crowdfunded OO gauge class 71 locomotives have arrived in the UK.

Currently with the distributor, these models will be with Crowdfunders in the UK within 48 hours, with some being dispatched today.
Both Hattons and Kernows special editions will be with their respective stockists within about 5-6 days from today.

Many thanks to those that made history with this model and i hope they give you many years of pleasure, knowing that a model of this quality and detail wouldnt have been possible without your input.

Thank you

Dave Jones DJModels Ltd

Instigator of crowdfunding the Class 71 in OO gauge, Pendolino, class 92 and King class steam locomotive in N gauge.

Worlds first 100% Crowdfunded RTR Model departs China!

Hello every one,

I’m delighted to say that the Class 71’s , The worlds first RTR models in any gauge 100% crowdfunded by you, the buying public are complete, assembled, and are all on a ship heading this way.

Arrival here will be posted nearer the date, and i’ll also explain then, the distribution system so that you know roughly to a day or maximum 2, when the UK models will arrive with you.

May i take this opportunity, once again to thank you all for your patience and kindness, in taking a very big ‘leap of faith’ with DJModels and the Crowdfunding concept, and hope that the model gives you all endless hours of pleasure knowing it wouldn’t have happened without you and your like minded fellow modellers.

You’ve made history, and you should all be extremely proud of your achievement.

Thank you
DJModels Ltd

N gauge King Crowdfunding project has started!

Hi everyone,

I have decided to go ahead and gauge interest in a crowdfunding scheme for an N gauge 4-6-0 King locomotive.

Here are some details regarding the ‘going live’ crowdfunding N gauge King.

I’ve decided to go ahead with this, to gauge serious intent from the N gauge community.
therefore i’m going live today and the sign-ups will have until Sunday 17th June 2017 to register an interest.

The 5 models chosen will be totally exclusive to crowdfunders and not be repeated again.
Models will be certificated and have the following specifications.
The model will use the OO cad/cam inherited from Hattons shrunk down to N gauge.

Coreless motor
Next 18 DCC decoder socket
Sound speaker fitment space in tender
Removable tender coal load
traction tyres on rear axle but with non traction tyres replacement axle set in box
2 types of bogies for customer choice for track clearance
etched name and number plates
polished steel effect con rods
darkened RP72.110 wheel sets
close coupling (if possible) on tender rear.
12 wheel pick up (tender and loco)
etched fire irons
separate hand lamps within accessory bag
Loco drive onto rear axle from motor
Maximum weight possible within technical boundaries

How much?
Crowdfunding cost per locomotive £135.50 (no limit to the amount of Kings the crowdfunder can purchase.

RRP for loco when on sale in other guises £159.95

Payments for each model will be in stages if crowdfunding meets the amount needed to make project viable.
only then will deposit invoices be sent out…..
Initial deposit £30.00 (this is non refundable)
then 1st EP tooling deposit £50.00 (non refundable)
lastly the remaining total plus £8.00 shipping = £63.50 (non refundable)

Please note the funds are non refundable due to the nature of the crowdfunding and the tooling needing £100,000.00 So please only put your name down if you are serious about owning what will be a fantastic model. Payment by credit card is recommended.

No invoicing is done until or unless the minimum amount of Crowdfunding is reached for this model.

From the end of June, providing crowdfunding reaches its required level, final design will start, taking approximately 4 weeks using the OO gauge cad/cams as the starting point. Once completed tooling to 1st EP standard should take 6-8 weeks. 1 month for review and comments, then the 2nd ep (production standard) tooling should take the same 6-8 weeks.
Decorated models will be produced using the 1st EP models to keep the wait to a minimum.
Production will be 4 weeks
shipping 4 – 6 weeks including land transport to distributor, then 48 hours to ship to UK customers.

All phases of the project will be covered by tooling / production photographs and reports when there is news to be shared, and the ship name will be notified to allow us all to follow the consignment progress across the world.

Please visit and the sub page ‘pre orders and other’ to sign up for a King!

OO gauge Class 92 crowdfunding ‘order book’ closes at Midnight Sunday 12th March!

OO gauge Class 92 crowdfunding ‘order book’ closes at Midnight Sunday 12th March!

Due to an error, i have extended the closing date for the OO gauge crowdfunded class 92 for a couple of days, but alas, this comes to an end tomorrow night at midnight.

Anyone who orders by then will be entitled to order further models before the production cut of date (to be notified once tooling is completed) at the existing offer. All Crowdfunders both OO and N will be put into the draw for the 2 great prizes (1 for each gauge) plus other prizes too.
Both gauges crowdfunders will also qualify for exclusive deals that will be unveiled as the tooling progresses.

Please note that the N gauge crowfunding will be held open for a few weeks to allow for ‘late comers’ to this project as more advertising hits the press.


Latest J94’s are here!

I am pleased to announce that the latest OO Gauge J94 models have arrived in country, cleared customs and will be sent to my distributor for onward shipment to stockists to arrive by Friday of this week.

I will be invoicing those who ‘expressed an interest’ over the next few days, and if you are one, but no longer want the model, please simply cancel the invoice by using the tab on the mail that arrives.

The models are as follows;
OOJ94-002 #68061 ‘British Railways’ original low bunker
OOJ94-003 #8064 LNER original bunker height (Block lettering)
OOJ94-004 #8023 LNER original bunker height (Relief Lettering)
OOJ94-005 #68068 ‘British Railways’ with tall bunker

Pictures of them taken in the first real sunshine of the year are here below.

OO gauge crowdfunded Class 71 production pictures

I am pleased to be able to show you various pictures of the world first 100% successful RTR model railway locomotive in production at the factory in China.

Sorry about the quality, but it gives you an idea of the complexity of the model, and its myriad of parts.
Production is well underway now, and i will update with shipping details when i have them.

Proposed N gauge 4-6-0 GWR/BR King locomotive

N gauge King Class locomotive
With the recent handing over of the OO King locomotive project to DJModels to take forward, I have decided that, although the King is still in my thoughts, I should look towards a market that isn’t currently satisfied by an accurate King Model. That market is in N gauge.
With the transfer if the OO project to DJModels, it leaves me in a great position to ‘shrink’ the cad/cam to N gauge and put in a redesigned mechanism. It’s (to simplify somewhat) a far easier proposition than starting from scratch as all the leg work has been completed on design and variations.
So with this in mind, and knowing that I currently do not have the funds to take this forward in N gauge, I am wondering if an N gauge GWR king locomotive would be something that could be crowdfunded?
With the back burner placement of the OO version there is a fantastic opportunity to produce this model and quickly as tooling / production slots for the OO one are already reserved in China and I would rather use them for an N gauge version than cancel them.
So, I am asking for opinions and thoughts of any interested parties to this project, and have opened a section on RMweb complete with a ‘poll’ for those that care to take part.
Please note this is not the start of a crowdfunding exercise, merely a request for those that may be interested to register that interest accordingly.
Also note that this model, as with all crowdfunding ones, are not affected by standard range of previously announced models, and vice versa.
The proposed King will have the following specification…
Coreless motor
Next 18 decoder compatibility
Traction tyre on rear drivers
Replacement rear driver set with no traction tyres
2 types of bogie for those with tighter radius curves
Heavy tungsten split frame chassis
12 wheel pick up
Alternate cab, chimney, blastpipe, tender details amongst others
Removable coal load
Fire irons
Etched nameplates and number plates
Removable front coupling box
Close coupling tender to loco mechanism
Close coupling rear tender coupling arm
All crowdfunded models will be available at well under RRP and be exclusive to Crowdfunded members only (not available in shops or elsewhere), and probably include 6000 in as preserved livery, 6023 in BR Blue preserved livery, and 3 others covering some of the livery gaps including BR Late, and GWR.
Prices and final decision on crowdfunding will be released in the next few weeks, but this is a fantastic opportunity to bring a very accurate N gauge King model to the market in a short timeframe.
Interested? Please visit the following to register your thoughts….
Dave Jones
DJModels Ltd

Hattons / DJM OO gauge King Class locomotive press release

Hatton’s Model Railways                                                      DJ Models

17 Montague Road                                                   

WA8 8FZ, Widnes

0151 733 3655


Hatton’s and DJ Models update on the OO Gauge GWR King Project.

With the introduction of the Hornby King in 2015 and subsequent changes in the market, Hatton’s and DJ Models have made the decision to restructure the ongoing OO Gauge King project.
The project will, from today, be managed by DJ Models who will continue development to ensure delivery of the ultimate King at a later date.

Hatton’s will continue to honour existing pre-orders, as well as accepting new orders. The OO Gauge King will also be made available to purchase from other DJM stockists.

Due to the financial climate and price increases in China the new RRP of these models will be announced once development has been finalised. No release date is currently available.
For any further information on this project please see or the modelling press.

Hatton’s Model Railways                                                  DJ Models              


Class 71 production delays and an apology

Dear Crowdfunder,

It is unfortunate that i write this so close to what should have been a happy day for all of us.

I am sorry to say that production of the class 71 has been temporarily halted due to totally unforeseen circumstances.

Last month the chassis were under construction and tested and i witnessed the QC checking myself. All was good.

However, as the saying goes, ‘there’s many a slip between cup and lip’, and this has proved to be the case.

Most of you are aware of Chinese New Year (CNY) and the implications this has on all manufacturers who use China for production of goods, whether its trains or washing machines etc.

But basically it’s when China shuts down for a week. Well that doesn’t sound too drastic does it? Well it isn’t normally too drastic for us in the west who rely on Chinese production as we know its coming.

But the implications and knock on effects are a pain. As China is so vast, and workers migrate from home from thousands of miles away they obviously want to go home for Christmas.

These trips are long and arduous and take a week in some cases by bus, train or car. This means that you lose not only a week for CNY but also a week before and a week after.

Then there is no guarantee that you will get your already trained workforce back en masse, and not have staff shortages from those who do not wish to come back to work.

Indeed the week to 2 weeks after CNY has finished you will find what looks like open markets in Shenzhen with each ‘stall’ offering xxx in wages to recruit new staff, vying to fill their workforce with other companies.

OK, so that’s CNY, so how does it affect the class 71 in production?

This year has seen a worrying development in the last week of staff leaving VERY early to go home for CNY. with one factory i know of losing 40% of its’ workforce as word spread of this happening.

It seems like the projected 3 billion transport movements in the next month or so has galvanized the workforce to some degree to leave very early. The trains, like some budget airlines now put up fares closer to CNY you get so this may also have had an effect.

Either way it has hit production, with factories now paying remaining staff overtime etc, to try to complete goods to ship before or around Christmas.

The Class 71 and other projects have been hit by this and i have been given a rescheduled completion date of Late February 2017 for the 71.

I can only apologize for the delay which is very much beyond my control and hope you can understand why and hold out just a little longer for this superb model. And if a production slot becomes available sooner i will push to get the models completed and then i shall ship by air to save time (1 week as opposed to 35 days by sea/land).

If i get further clarification from China on developments, i will of course, post here to let you all know.

I’m truly Sorry


Dave Jones

DJModels Ltd

Class 92 N and OO Crowdfunding details release (plus N gauge cad/cam)

As you are all probably aware, I launched 2 crowdfunding initiatives recently for the Class 92 electric locomotive.
This has been very successful and both are proceeding apace.

Deposits have been taken for those that have registered an interest and cad/cam design is at an advanced stage for both locomotives. For those yet to order, the Deposit is only £30.00 per locomotive.

However, what hasn’t been shown before is the crowdfunded price and cad/cams in both gauges.
So today I am delighted to announce the RRP for when the model eventually goes to the retail market, and the Crowdfunded prices and bonus for those wanting more than 1 locomotive.

I am also showing for the first time, the N gauge models cad/cam’s in 3 parts, to show the detail going into the N gauge class 92 that will make it a market leading N gauge locomotive for the gauge.

With a lot of assistance from Brush Traction, GBRF and Caledonian Railways, I have had unfettered access to the locomotives, enabling measurements to be double checked against published and in house drawings, and over 1000 high resolution close up photographs of every part of the real thing, enabling the design to come to fruition ready for tooling with very few alterations needed to make the loco ‘just right’.


The cad/cam designs attached aren’t the finished article and those with sharp eyes will readily spot the areas that need adjustment. These are expected to take another 7-14 days.


As you can see from the N gauge cad design here, the roof (apart from being wrong in a few places) has lots of shiny sections on various assemblies. These are in fact added etched steel grilles and detail parts. Some of you might notice the fan in its’ bell housing below 1 particular grille. This shows you the level of detail going into the N gauge version and you can probably imagine how the OO version will end up like.

It is worth noting that every different colour you see is a different component and this model will have lots more colour on future iterations in both gauges.

These are models for the modeller.

Now to the prices……
The benefits of Crowdfunding are sometimes ‘blurry’ and you don’t really get to see any benefit to waiting for the model to come to fruition and paying up front. Well, I agree. And as such, in keeping with the American system of doing this process, I am offering a fair bonus for those that want to buy more than 1 and a very fair price for a single model……and there are no limits to the amount of models you can order.

The N gauge Class 92 will have, when it eventually gets released to the trade, an RRP of £139.95 per model

The Crowd Funded N gauge Class 92 will cost, for the first model ordered £115.00!

Any subsequent models ordered after the first one will cost £105.00 each! (YES £105.00 each)

Sound Versions will be an extra £90.00 for each model ordered.

These prices do not include postage, which will be at cost worldwide, and be added to the final invoice. You can order as many at £105.00 as you wish, and if you want to order multiple models in the same livery, please mail me directly and I’ll invoice for the total deposit payable.

Crowdfunding will stay open until January 31st as that is when I expect to be into the tooling phase of the model. And if all goes well show EP samples around April taking into account Chinese New Year delays and restarts etc.
The OO version will, despite the N gauge version being pretty good already, have more finesse within the details, and be along at around the same time, give or take a few weeks. (subject to factory slots etc)
I’ll publish cad/cams of this as and when I get them.

The OO gauge Class 92 will have, when it eventually gets released to the trade, an RRP of £159.95 per model

The Crowd Funded Class 92 will cost for the first model ordered £134.95

Any subsequent models ordered after the first one will cost £119.95 each!

Sound Versions will be an extra £95.00 for each model ordered.

These prices do not include postage, which will be at cost worldwide, and be added to the final invoice. You can order as many at £119.95 as you wish, and if you want to order multiple models in the same livery, please mail me directly and I’ll invoice for the total deposit payable.

Crowdfunding will stay open until January 31st as that is when I expect to be into the tooling phase of the model. And if all goes well show EP samples around April taking into account Chinese New Year delays and restarts etc.

There is more great news to announce on both of these projects and I will do so as and when contracts are signed and sealed.
Please visit my website or any of the online forums and the press for releases when I have them to publish.