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Class 71 production delays and an apology

Dear Crowdfunder,

It is unfortunate that i write this so close to what should have been a happy day for all of us.

I am sorry to say that production of the class 71 has been temporarily halted due to totally unforeseen circumstances.

Last month the chassis were under construction and tested and i witnessed the QC checking myself. All was good.

However, as the saying goes, ‘there’s many a slip between cup and lip’, and this has proved to be the case.

Most of you are aware of Chinese New Year (CNY) and the implications this has on all manufacturers who use China for production of goods, whether its trains or washing machines etc.

But basically it’s when China shuts down for a week. Well that doesn’t sound too drastic does it? Well it isn’t normally too drastic for us in the west who rely on Chinese production as we know its coming.

But the implications and knock on effects are a pain. As China is so vast, and workers migrate from home from thousands of miles away they obviously want to go home for Christmas.

These trips are long and arduous and take a week in some cases by bus, train or car. This means that you lose not only a week for CNY but also a week before and a week after.

Then there is no guarantee that you will get your already trained workforce back en masse, and not have staff shortages from those who do not wish to come back to work.

Indeed the week to 2 weeks after CNY has finished you will find what looks like open markets in Shenzhen with each ‘stall’ offering xxx in wages to recruit new staff, vying to fill their workforce with other companies.

OK, so that’s CNY, so how does it affect the class 71 in production?

This year has seen a worrying development in the last week of staff leaving VERY early to go home for CNY. with one factory i know of losing 40% of its’ workforce as word spread of this happening.

It seems like the projected 3 billion transport movements in the next month or so has galvanized the workforce to some degree to leave very early. The trains, like some budget airlines now put up fares closer to CNY you get so this may also have had an effect.

Either way it has hit production, with factories now paying remaining staff overtime etc, to try to complete goods to ship before or around Christmas.

The Class 71 and other projects have been hit by this and i have been given a rescheduled completion date of Late February 2017 for the 71.

I can only apologize for the delay which is very much beyond my control and hope you can understand why and hold out just a little longer for this superb model. And if a production slot becomes available sooner i will push to get the models completed and then i shall ship by air to save time (1 week as opposed to 35 days by sea/land).

If i get further clarification from China on developments, i will of course, post here to let you all know.

I’m truly Sorry


Dave Jones

DJModels Ltd

Class 92 N and OO Crowdfunding details release (plus N gauge cad/cam)

As you are all probably aware, I launched 2 crowdfunding initiatives recently for the Class 92 electric locomotive.
This has been very successful and both are proceeding apace.

Deposits have been taken for those that have registered an interest and cad/cam design is at an advanced stage for both locomotives. For those yet to order, the Deposit is only £30.00 per locomotive.

However, what hasn’t been shown before is the crowdfunded price and cad/cams in both gauges.
So today I am delighted to announce the RRP for when the model eventually goes to the retail market, and the Crowdfunded prices and bonus for those wanting more than 1 locomotive.

I am also showing for the first time, the N gauge models cad/cam’s in 3 parts, to show the detail going into the N gauge class 92 that will make it a market leading N gauge locomotive for the gauge.

With a lot of assistance from Brush Traction, GBRF and Caledonian Railways, I have had unfettered access to the locomotives, enabling measurements to be double checked against published and in house drawings, and over 1000 high resolution close up photographs of every part of the real thing, enabling the design to come to fruition ready for tooling with very few alterations needed to make the loco ‘just right’.


The cad/cam designs attached aren’t the finished article and those with sharp eyes will readily spot the areas that need adjustment. These are expected to take another 7-14 days.


As you can see from the N gauge cad design here, the roof (apart from being wrong in a few places) has lots of shiny sections on various assemblies. These are in fact added etched steel grilles and detail parts. Some of you might notice the fan in its’ bell housing below 1 particular grille. This shows you the level of detail going into the N gauge version and you can probably imagine how the OO version will end up like.

It is worth noting that every different colour you see is a different component and this model will have lots more colour on future iterations in both gauges.

These are models for the modeller.

Now to the prices……
The benefits of Crowdfunding are sometimes ‘blurry’ and you don’t really get to see any benefit to waiting for the model to come to fruition and paying up front. Well, I agree. And as such, in keeping with the American system of doing this process, I am offering a fair bonus for those that want to buy more than 1 and a very fair price for a single model……and there are no limits to the amount of models you can order.

The N gauge Class 92 will have, when it eventually gets released to the trade, an RRP of £139.95 per model

The Crowd Funded N gauge Class 92 will cost, for the first model ordered £115.00!

Any subsequent models ordered after the first one will cost £105.00 each! (YES £105.00 each)

Sound Versions will be an extra £90.00 for each model ordered.

These prices do not include postage, which will be at cost worldwide, and be added to the final invoice. You can order as many at £105.00 as you wish, and if you want to order multiple models in the same livery, please mail me directly and I’ll invoice for the total deposit payable.

Crowdfunding will stay open until January 31st as that is when I expect to be into the tooling phase of the model. And if all goes well show EP samples around April taking into account Chinese New Year delays and restarts etc.
The OO version will, despite the N gauge version being pretty good already, have more finesse within the details, and be along at around the same time, give or take a few weeks. (subject to factory slots etc)
I’ll publish cad/cams of this as and when I get them.

The OO gauge Class 92 will have, when it eventually gets released to the trade, an RRP of £159.95 per model

The Crowd Funded Class 92 will cost for the first model ordered £134.95

Any subsequent models ordered after the first one will cost £119.95 each!

Sound Versions will be an extra £95.00 for each model ordered.

These prices do not include postage, which will be at cost worldwide, and be added to the final invoice. You can order as many at £119.95 as you wish, and if you want to order multiple models in the same livery, please mail me directly and I’ll invoice for the total deposit payable.

Crowdfunding will stay open until January 31st as that is when I expect to be into the tooling phase of the model. And if all goes well show EP samples around April taking into account Chinese New Year delays and restarts etc.

There is more great news to announce on both of these projects and I will do so as and when contracts are signed and sealed.
Please visit my website or any of the online forums and the press for releases when I have them to publish.

Class 1361 for Kernow gets even closer with production starting

Hi everyone,
With the Kernow OO Gauge 1361 class 0-6-0 Steam Locomotive model getting ever closer to delivery, its now a good time to tell you all about it in more detail.

At the outset Kernow has insisted that i should produce all variants of the model we could find and as such we set about finding all the details and with the exclusive help of the GWS at Didcot we were able to laser scan various components of the real thing (it was stripped down for rebuild) and we had exclusive access to the real thing to be able to do this.

Kernow was adamant that their version would be the most definitive and accurate version available and it seems we have jointly hit the mark with the models being produced.
Yes it’s taken a longer time and more money than originally expected, rather like the D600 model currently tooling very soon, but this approach reaps dividends when it comes to the finished model.

That doesn’t mean we are resting on our laurels and bringing you just a good model. No, right down to the wire this model has changed slightly when more information has come to light, such was Kernow’s insistence to accuracy and there are changes to the release below on production models.

So, please feel free to take a close look at the release below, and play ‘spot the difference’ and see what Kernow have been up to this last few years.

You can order your version or versions directly from Kernow Model Rail Centre online or by telephone today.1361-spot-the-difference-1

Caledonian Class 92 , permission received!


Today i have been granted permission to use the new Caledonian livery of Teal Blue with the white side stag emblem for the N gauge and OO gauge class 92.


This model will now this evening be added to the ‘expressions of interest’ / reservation page for you to reserve your model

Each model will come with a limited edition certificate signed by both myself and David Simpson, Production Director of Caledonian Railways.

and feature a purpose designed sleeve in N and Box in OO gauge designed in collaboration with Caledonian.

However that’s not all. Due to changes in design of the real thing i will be following this with each model of the class 92, and as such the Caledonian 92’s will have the raised couplers, a 3rd variation of the lower front valance and alternate lighting arrangements, amongst other changes that will be announced as the project gathers further pace.

The N gauge version will now have switchable cab lighting and corridor lighting along side its OO brother.011v1

As both expressions of interest have proved totally successful I am delighted to announce that work has now gone on to such an extent that the cad/cam for this loco is due around Warley time, with metal cutting soon thereafter on both gauges with a view to fast tracking the models for period 3 of next year.

With this in mind I will start invoicing those who expressed an interest within 24 hours, for the initial deposit of £30.00 per locomotive.

Thank you to all those that have had faith in me, and have joined me on the worlds second fully crowdfunded British RTR model locomotive in both N and OO gauges.

DJModels First stand alone model sells out at warehouse!


I am pleased to announce that the first ‘standalone’ DJModels release, that of BR Early Crest J94 #68023 has now sold out to the trade.

You can, however, buy it from DJModels stockists while stocks last.

For those that want to here and see what this loco ‘sounds’ like, Digitrains have done this quick video of the J94 sound fitted, in action.

NEW N gauge and OO Gauge crowdfunded Class 92 initiative

DJModels are pleased to announce the 3rd and 4th Crowdfunding initiative. This time it’s a much requested model locomotive in both N gauge and  OO gauge.



N gauge Class 92, Driven on all wheels on both bogies, Coreless motor, directional lighting (day and night modes) ,2 scale sprung pantographs, Sound compatible (roof for largest speaker for space available), Next 18 DCC socket onboard, Darkend profile wheels, Close coupling system, NEM coupling pockets, replacement no coupling hole valance, fully modeled and painted cab interiors, etched nameplates, polo mint tunnel logos, depot plaques and arrows (where necessary), switch for turning rear lights off.


Crowdfunding price TBC but approximately £130.00 per model (Factory fitted DCC sound will be approximately £100 more per model and are signified by a letter ‘S’ at the end of the product code.

DJM-L-N-00001A     92016 DBSchenker Red
DJM-L-N-00001AS   92016 DBSchenker Red

DJM-L-N-00001B      92023 SNCF cab logo (triple Grey unbranded) ‘Ravel’
DJM-L-N-00001BS    92023 SNCF cab logo (triple Grey unbranded) ‘Ravel’

DJM-L-N-00001C      92032 GBRf / Europorte livery
DJM-L-N-00001CS    92032 GBRf / Europorte livery

DJM-L-N-00001D      92001 EWS Maroon ‘Victor Hugo’
DJM-L-N-00001DS    92001 EWS Maroon ‘Victor Hugo’

DJM-L-N-00001E      92030 Railfreight Distribution branded Triple Grey ‘Ashford’
DJM-L-N-00001ES    92030 Railfreight Distribution branded Triple Grey ‘Ashford’

You can ‘express your interest’ for 1 or multiple models on the expressions of interest page on this website ( click on the ‘other’ tab at the top of this page or use the following link).

OO Gauge Class 92, Driven on all wheels on both bogies, heavy chassis, correct lighting, including night setting, underside switches for cab and directional. Next18  DCC socket, 2 x scale pantographs (sprung,) EM, P4 and OO compatible, Coreless motor, Fully DCC sound compatible with room for a huge base reflex speaker (cant you just hear those traction motor fans already?), NEM coupling pocket, soft Sprung buffers, separate bogie steps, handrails, etched ‘parked’ windscreen wipers, etched grilles all round and on top, fully painted and detailed cab interior including painting of cab window blinds and mechanism, etched nameplates and tunnel logos where necessary, etched arrows and depot plaques where necessary, Ultra flush glazing, fully detailed bogies and underside equipment, Customer fitted 3rd rail shoes for closeness to third rail fitting, Removable close coupling mechanism, Replacement front ‘valance’ for no coupling pocket hole, Etched cab roof light surround, Fine detail panel join lines around the lower cab front, fully modeled coupling hook reinforcement plate and detail.



Crowdfunding price TBC but approximately £150.00 per model  (Factory fitted DCC sound will be approximately £100 more per model and are signified by a letter ‘S’ at the end of the product code.

DJMOOC92-001    92016 DBSchenker Red/Grey
DJMOOC92-001S  92016 DBSchenker Red/Grey

DJMOOC92-002    92023 SNCF cab logo (triple Grey unbranded) ‘Ravel’
DJMOOC92-002S  92023 SNCF cab logo (triple Grey unbranded) ‘Ravel’

DJMOOC92-003    92032 GBRf / Europorte livery
DJMOOC92-003S  92032 GBRf / Europorte livery

DJMOOC92-004    92001 EWS Maroon ‘Victor Hugo’
DJMOOC92-004S  92001 EWS Maroon ‘Victor Hugo’

DJMOOC92-005    92030 Railfreight Distribution branded Triple Grey ‘Ashford’
DJMOOC92-005S  92030 Railfreight Distribution branded Triple Grey ‘Ashford’

DCF 1.0

DCF 1.0

You can ‘express your interest’ for 1 or multiple models on the expressions of interest page on this website ( click on the ‘other’ tab at the top of this page or use the following link).


NEW! DJM OO Gauge J94’s arrive in the UK for Hattons

I’m delighted to announce that the first batch of DJM’s OO gauge J94’s have arrived in the UK and are available from Hattons.
These exclusive special editions are only available in limited numbers so please do not wait too long before ordering as they are sure to sell out quickly.

The first arrivals are:
J9401 – Austerity 0-6-0ST “Robert” in NCB Bold Colliery lined green
J9402 – Austerity 0-6-0ST 71515 in Mech Navvies maroon
J9407 – Austerity 0-6-0ST No 4 in NCB Backworth Colliery lined black
J9408 – Austerity 0-6-0ST 98 “Royal Engineer” in Army green

The models in full 360 degrees glory can be seen here…

Also received this week at DJM headquarters have been the following DJM J94’s for sending to the press for review… DJM Early Crest J94, RMweb No.65 in yellow, Longmooor Blue J94 for Kernow and ‘Wilbert’ for the Dean Forest Railway.

Wilbert can be seen on this page….

No.65 can be seen on this page….

Class 71 Crowdfunded model nears production so here are some model features

Hello everyone, here is a list of features to be found on the DJM/Crowdfunded Class 71 locomotive.
And yes, there is someone about to start work on the sound for this locomotive.

Please remember, that like the 52, 22 and 10000 models, this model has been designed for an easily drop in base reflex speaker of identical size and manufacture as the one for the previously named loco’s

It also uses a 21 pin decoder for all the functions you would expect with a model of this quality.


I am very pleased to say that the DJM OO gauge crowdfunded Class 71 is almost here, I plan to authorise production within the next 2 weeks, so if you have not ordered your crowdfunded model already then you now have 2 weeks to do so before production quantities are locked down.

Don’t forget that if you order a crowdfunded class 71 this entitles you to the foloow up class 74 diesel locomotive (based on the class 71 bodyshell) as a generous discount. Work starts proper on the class 74 design within the next week, although some preparatory work has commenced. If you need another reason to get the 74, there are in fact 2 reasons……1) That once the 71 crowdunding scheme is ‘locked down’ in 2 weeks you will no longer be able to get the 74 at the discounted price, and 2) This loco goes beautifully with the newly announced Kernow Models 4TC set.

To whet your whistle on this model here is a list of items and unique features that the DJM Crowdfunded class 71 has.
Firstly the model. This has the following features,

1) Ultra Quiet Coreless Motor
2) Heavy metal chassis
3) Separately applied lamp irons (A must for a model of this quality)
4) Separately applied handrails (metal not plastic)
5) Correct Bogie Width (with 5 points of depth to the moulding, and also allowing plenty of space for gauge conversion should it be needed)
6) Correct bogie steps with full pattern side casting supports, cutaway holes, and checkerplate finish to top bogie step
7) Correct front marker lights with rotating lens switch (on the railway this switch was used to swap lens colours from clear to red etc)
8) Etched metal front foot steps with checkerplate pattern and central larger footstep
9) Separately applied extremely fine pattern windscreen wipers (production models will have them in the ‘parked’ position)
10) Fully detailed and painted cab interior with second man seat in ‘stored’ position.
11) 4 different size and font of headcode numbers and letters. The correct size supplied with each relevant era of decorated model.
12) Full DCC control over both cab lights independently
13) Easy to fit 21 pin DCC decoder for ultimate of DCC control functions
14) Easy to fit DCC sound speaker (as per my previous design on the Western and class 22)
15) Correct pattern plastic posable Pantograph (non conducting)
16) Correct pantograph well detail, including moulded bicycle chains for real life raising of pantograph
17) Illuminated headcode panels either end (switchable under chassis to turn off and on)
18) Correct cab pillar and roof air vents for early and later versions (green versions have a roof vent while blue have cab window pillars)
19) Colour matched to Bachmann Blue, Yellow and Green colours
20) Etched works plates fitted (where needed)
21) Darkend spoked wheels to RP25.110 standards, 14.4mm back to backs
22) Booster equipment ‘just’ visible through the bodyside window (please note that in real life the booster only comes half way up the window and is 2.5ft back from it to accomodate a walkway between it and the window and as such it will be printed onto the chassis side in darker colours to depict a shadowed effect.
23) Correctly painted pantograph head (including a painted graphite insert to each central head section)
24) An eye catching presentation slip box (possibly the prettiest box youve seen for a model railway locomotive
25) Full instructions and schematic drawings, plus spares list. (Spares available at launch)
26) Close coupling mechanism both ends
27) NEM coupling pocket both ends
28) Accessory bag with alternate, replacement front valance for those not wanting a coupling pocket visible one end (or both)
29) Separate air pipes within accessory bag
30) A wealth of separately applied bogie parts
31) Sprung buffers
32) Easily removable cab for fitting a crew. (just unscrew 2 screws and drop the cab interior out…..easy and secure
33) Customer fitted electrical pick up shoes (to allow for individual modeller’s tolerances for third rail height on their layouts)
34) Correct moulded relief framing between the bogies and battery box
35) Ultra fine detail metal wired representation (see through) of cables into and out of bodyside fuse box
36) Flush Glazing throughout

OO gauge Crowdfunded Class 71 deco pics

Hi everyone,

For those of you interested in a little piece of history, the first and to date only, successful crowdfunded RTR model railway locomotive, the class 71 has arrived in decorated format.

Lots more pictures to follow on Friday, but for now here are all 5 models lined up.

Lots more information on Friday about specifications, and features on this model, and i shall talk a bit about the ease of DCC conversion, and the simple and easy way you can fit a sound speaker into the model etc. So, please pop by and take a look and have a read.

Meanwhile for those that are visiting the GCR event at Quorn in Leicestershire this weekened, all 5 models will be available for inspection along with decorated OO gauge J94’s and the N gauge Mermaid wagon.

Some models are still available to pre order from Kernow Model Rail Centre.